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Multi-Gyn Actigel (Previously Bio-Fem)

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  1. Biofem Actigel is developed with GPs and Gynaecologists - now called MutiGyn
  2. Multi Gyn is clinically proven to stop vaginal discomfort, Thrush, BV
  3. Prevents & treats bacterial vaginosis & helps to prevent thrush
  4. Prevent problems to reduce cervical cancer
  5. Handy optional applicator for easier, no-mess application

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SKU: 8775

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Multi-Gyn Actigel (previously Bio-Fem Instant Active Gel) has been developed with the help of GPs and Gynaecologists.

The age-old formula has not changed, so if you used to use Biofem Active Gel you can be assured of the same level of treatment and success with Multi-Gyn Actigel. The highly effective formula can prevent and treat Bacterial Vaginosis, vaginal discomforts such as itching, pain during / after intercourse, redness, burning sensation, excessive discharge, dryness, irritations, odour and thrush.

The clinically proven formula blocks harmful bacteria in a safe and natural way to give instant relief. It contains 2QR complex, an active ingredient which works to block the production of harmful bacteria without inhibiting the growth of healthy bacteria which helps to protect the vagina against infection.

By dealing with intimate problems immediately, women may reduce the risk of cervical cancer, thrush and Bacterial Vaginosis before they develop further. Use Actigel as an intensive treatment for BV or other acute problems, or use it less often on a regular basis to keep infections or vaginal discomfort at bay.

Multi-Gyn Actigel is made with Aloe Barbadenis leaf juice, which is a completely natural product sourced from a number of places including the USA, South Africa and Curacao. The colour of this ingredient can vary as a result of its source, as the sun, rain and harvest time will all alter the colour of the plant. This can alter the smell of Actigel and also means the colour can vary from being transparent to dark amber. If you notice your Actigel is a different smell or colour than usual, don’t worry – it is still completely safe to use and just as effective.

Highly recommended by our testers here at StressNoMore - they love it.

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Multi-Gyn Actigel (Previously Bio-Fem) Video


SKU / Product Code 8775
Ingredients Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Mannane, Galactoarabinan Polyglucoronic Acid Crosspolymer, Glyceryn, Caprylyl Glycol
Brand Multi-Gyn
Recommended For Preventing BV, discomfort and odour. Helps to naturally balance pH level in intimate areas and prevent infection.
Included Contents 50ml
Weight (kg) 0.0800
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Container Type Tube
Form Gel
Quantity 50ml
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Great Product Review by TINKIWINK
Product Rating
This is an excellent product if you suffer soreness down below, which you are prone to having on the menopause. I would recommend this to any woman going through the change, dont suffer in silence as this gel is worth a try. This website is also good as you dont have to wait long for your products and when i have ordered some it always seems to be in stock. (Posted on 1 February 2013)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
i love this product Review by sanegirl
Product Rating
i am not menopausal yet, but i suffered from bv and any kind of vaginal discomfort you can think off. i tried prescribed medicines, off the counter remedies, hermal remedies, homemade remedies. my lovelife was non existent and was in discomfort a lot of the time, till i came across this product and things have changed for the better. i recommend it ! (Posted on 16 February 2013)
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(3 of 3 people found this review helpful)
Well pleased Review by bonkers
Product Rating
Great product, especially if you are post menopause and suffer dryness and sensitivity. Also, like the fact that it it based on natural ingredients, as other products I have tried have caused more of a problem rather than a cure. (Posted on 17 April 2013)
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(4 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Happy with website and product so will use again Review by pleased person
Product Rating
Prompt delivery and well priced product. Many Thanks (Posted on 18 April 2013)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Question Review by Dolly
Product Rating
The first tube I purchased was colourless the two subsequent tubes have a brown tinge do u think these are ok?

Dear Dolly, Yes that is OK. There is an expiry date on the product and all our batches are routinely checked when they arrive at our warehouse. I contacted the manufacturers and they said there has been an ingredient upgrade to this formula which is responsible for the slight tinting effect. They state that the ingredient upgrade has been done to comply with newer, more stringent rules. I did mention to them that a bit of consumer information to this effect would help, especially as they feel the product is improved! We all like to know so that we can pass on this valuable information to you the users!
Thank you for our question.
Betty@StressNoMore (Posted on 20 April 2013)
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Great Product Fab Supplier Review by Debs
Product Rating
This gel works, need I say more? Well just to add I guess that if you are dry, sore, itchy or just bloomin miserable in the vaginal area, a few days of using Multi-Gyn will soon eradicate the problem. A fantastic service from the supplier too, arrived quickly, well packaged without any fuss as promised. (Posted on 30 April 2013)
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(1 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Good value, Fab Service, Great product Review by Valbb
Product Rating
All sorts of things tend to irritate me and this product is ideal for soothing and relieving the symptoms. Even travel with it.
Combined with regular boric acid capsules, I haven't used a propriety product for thrush for two yrs so all good. (Posted on 11 June 2013)
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(4 of 4 people found this review helpful)
excellent Review by rosie
Product Rating
this really works. I have used it over the last few years , say every third day , it does nip a bit , but don't panic that passes and over time it keeps everything on an even keel !! It does not bung you up !! like some of these other products that are similiar (Posted on 12 July 2013)
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Fantastic product Review by Dorothy
Product Rating
I live in Spain and have been looking for this product after reading about it in a magazine. Fantastic now I can get it from Stress no more. After 4 days of using it, it has made a world of difference. I am now feeling normal again after weeks of discomfort. Thank you Multi-gyn!! (Posted on 2 September 2013)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Best intimate health product ever used! Review by Helen
Product Rating
I have suffered from recurrent thrush ( I'm not diabetic) after every period. I have very sensitive skin so already use special products/detergents etc. Despite changes in sanitary wear and anti-fungal tablet prescriptions I was having to use the popular over the counter remedy every month-sometimes twice to clear it completely! This worked out very pricey. I tried Actigel a few years ago and have been delighted with the results-no more thrush! The reward points,discounts sent with orders and multiple-buy offers plus free delivery make this website very good value for money! (Posted on 8 October 2013)
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Product Questions

Hi iv beening dry sore in ladies area and I'm also prone to uti,s since post menopause just wondering if this will help both, thankyou s batt
I have been experiencing bad discharge which has a bad smell and almost yellowy green colour, I bought this gel and have used it four times in two days, both internal and external methods; after using my discharge turned a funny brown when I had to pee and I don't seem to have any results yet: is this normal at the start of the process?