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Solidea Arm Care - Low Compression

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  1. Soft and comfortable compression sleeves with low 15/21 mmHg compression
  2. Compression arm sleeves suitable for post-traumatic and mastectomy lymphoedema
  3. Patented elastic three dimensional fabric
  4. Comfortably wraps around the shoulders to adapt perfectly to the arm
  5. Avoids increasing bacteria and infections

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Compression Arm Sleeves for optimal recovery from arm surgery or lymphoedema

Solidea Arm Care Diagram

Surgery across the arms and upper limbs often puts your life on a standstill; moving around is limited and performing the simplest of tasks such as opening doors or even that morning stretch is agonising. Recovery from operations such as mastectomies or other upper body surgery, you are more susceptible to lymphoedema; a blockage or interruption of abnormal fluid that causes the arms (or legs) to swell. Compression arm sleeves help to reduce the swelling and provide a more comfortable recovery by protecting your limbs.

These arm compression sleeves gently hold your muscles together in a material that is breathable and lightweight; specially designed in Italy, the clever-clogs at Solidea have created a three dimensional fabric that is elasticated to fit pleasantly around your arms and free from ill-fitting tightness you may experience with other compression garments – like an on-going gentle hug, perfect for when you’re on the mend!

The three dimensional fabric works actively against your body; massaging your limbs to reduce swelling, bruising and scars from forming whilst you’re recovering. This is due to the intelligent design of the fabric that promotes blood circulation allowing your skin and muscles to gradually recover naturally. If you suffer from lymphoedema or are precautious of it, these compression arm sleeves prevent the area from refilling with fluid, increasing the capability of the flow of the lymph to avoid build up and blockage.

You can wear these compression sleeves immediately after surgery or a few days following it; these support garments are integrated with silver wave and bacteriostatic yarn preventing bacteria from forming quickly and infecting the wounds from your surgery. The yarn will also provide a shield around your wound to avoid any harsh odours, maintaining a natural biological balance of your skin. Because the fabric is heavenly light and breathable, you can wear these underneath your everyday clothes as they are invisible and seam-free  

Suffering with lymphoedema can make you self-conscious about the way you look; the swelling is uncomfortable and wearing your own clothes can be frustrating. Some compression garments that don’t provide enough pressure or can even apply too much pressure and  cause numbness or pins-and-needles. Solidea have recognised this problem and their compression garments are light but provide the ultimate support to avoid further swelling. The garment fits perfectly around your arms and comfortably across the shoulders with innovative dorsal support, it’s elasticated so you are not restricted to movement or experience any discomfort and the sleeves can be worn on the right or the left.

Recover quickly and get back into the swing of your routine, with Solidea’s Therapeautic Arm Compression Sleeves.


Compression wear is graded according to its level of pressure (mmHg). Here’s a quick tool for you to see how different compression ranges will help you:

  • 8/15mmHg: Very light compression for general relief of tired, aching legs.
  • 15/21mmHg: Mild compression for long periods of inactivity like traveling (lowered blood circulation), or during exercise or pregnancy (pressurised swelling).
  • 20/30mmHg: Relief for moderate to severe venous disorders, often prescribed to prevent ulcers, clotting and worsening of skin bulging.
  • 30/40mmHg: Relief from severe or chronic venous disorders and swelling, particularly following an episode of DVT or during convalescent periods (such as surgery in the affected area).

Solidea Arm Care Sizes

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SKU / Product Code 10593
Brand Solidea
Material 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane
Colour Natural
Function Compression: 15/21 mmHg
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Product Questions

Hi there,

Can you please advise whether this product is also available in XLarge?
I'm writing on behalf of my aunt. Her wrist circumference is 23. I don't think the Large will be big enough for this circumference?

I would appreciate if you can let me know whether you stock this, or if not, where we can find this product please.

Many thanks