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Vaginal Moisturisers

Relieve the symptoms of vaginal atrophy (dryness) with our range of pH balanced vaginal moisturisers, gels, creams and lubricants. Ideal to treat menopause symptoms.

Vivify V Natural Moisturiser Cream

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  1. Medicine Mama's VMagic Intimate Skin Cream
  2. Olive & Bee Intimate Cream
  3. Regelle Vaginal Moisturiser
    As low as £6.99
  4. Gynomunal Vaginal Moisturising Gel
  5. Vivify V Natural Intimate Miracle Balm
  6. Kegel8 Miracle Balm Natural Intimate Care
  7. GYNTIMA Lubricating Gel
  8. Vagisan Intimate Protective Ointment
  9. Medicine Mama's VMagic Feminine Lips Stick
  10. Medicine Mama's VMagic Intimate Skin Balm
  11. Vagisan MoistCream for Intimate Dryness
  12. vSculpt Photonic Gel for vSculpt Pelvic Floor Toner
  13. Vagisan Hormone-Free Pessaries for Intimate Dryness
  14. Medicine Mama’s Intimate Care Pack
  15. Yes Lube VM Vaginal Moisturising Gel
    Out of stock
  16. Yes Lube VM Vaginal Moisturising Gel Applicators
    Out of stock

16 Items

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