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Although love-making is the most natural thing in the world; it can be a very risky game if you are not protected. Here at StressNoMore we have any contraception you’re looking for from female condoms, diaphragms, contraceptive gel and fertility monitors so you can find the right one for you and make sure that you’re safe from any “surprises".

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  1. FemCap Contraceptive Diaphragm Cap
    As low as £47.99
  2. Lelo Hex Condoms
    As low as £10.99
  3. Pasante Infinity Condoms (12 Pack)
  4. Durex Pleasure Me Condoms
  5. Pasante Regular Condoms
  6. Valley Electronics Lady-Comp Fertility Planner
  7. Beurer OT30 Basal Ovulation Thermometer with App and Bluetooth
    Out of stock

7 Items

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