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Foot Spas

Purchasing a foot spa is a super quick and way to pamper your feet whilst saving quite a bit of money! Our foot spas (also known as foot baths) offers a wide price range, all with different benefits, so you can find what suits you best.

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  1. Beurer FB50 Multi-Functional Luxury Foot Spa
  2. CCS Swedish Formula Foot Care Perfumed Foot Bath Salt
  3. Beurer FB35 Aromatherapy Foot Spa
  4. Osalis Luxury Electric Shiatsu Foot Massager
  5. Beurer FB20 Multi-Function Massaging Foot Spa
  6. Beurer FB21 Foot Spa Bath & Infrared Lamp
  7. Ideaworks 2 in 1 Massaging Foot Spa
  8. Beurer FB30 Folding Foot Spa
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8 Items

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