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Bath and Shower Aids

Personal hygiene is important to you feeling yourself but when mobility is limited bathing and showering can be quite difficult. Some body parts can be hard to reach and trying to balance to try and reach these parts can increase the chance of slips and falls. Our bath and shower aids make washing easier and safer for everyone, from foot brushes to long reach sponges we help ensure every part is squeaky clean.

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  1. Ideaworks Super Grip Suction Mount Handle
  2. Ideaworks Roll a Lotion Applicator
  3. Osalis Home Help Long Reach Handle Bath Sponge
  4. Ideaworks Long-Reach Silicone Bath Brush
  5. Osalis Home Help Easy Grip Long Handle Foot Brush
  6. Osalis Home Help Curved Bath Brush
  7. Ideaworks Hair Washing Tray
  8. Osalis Home Help Easy Foot & Sole Cleaner
  9. Ideaworks Home Spa Lumbar Bath Cushion
  10. Osalis Home Help In Shower Foot Cleaner With Pumice Stone and Suction Pads
  11. Osalis Home Help Easy Fit Bathtub Safety Grab Bar
  12. Osalis Home Help Long-Handled Hair Washer
  13. Osalis Home Help Suction Nail Brush
  14. Bambooista Extendable Bamboo Bath Rack
  15. Ideaworks Extendable Handle Pedicure Foot Scrubbing Brush
  16. Ideaworks Bathtub Caddy with Kneeling Pad

16 Items

per page