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sebamed logoSebamed are specialists in sensitive skin care - they ensure that all of their products have a pH level that matches your body's natural one, avoiding irritation and nasty side effects. A pH level is the balance of acid and alkali - if this is wrong it can leave you vulnerable to bacteria and make your skin dry and unpleasant. Sebamed hair loss shampoo activates your scalp functions to control hair loss, while keeping your scalp's pH at 5.5; the ideal level for healthy skin. Unlike soaps and shower gels, their intimate wash matches the natural pH level of the vagina (3.8) to protect against infections and ensure that you have a healthy, fresh aroma.

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  1. Sebamed Anti-Bacterial Cleansing Foam
  2. SebaMed Everyday Shampoo
  3. Sebamed Intensive Night Cream for Dry Skin
  4. Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash p.H 3.8
  5. Sebamed Hair Loss, Repair and Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner
  6. Sebamed Balsam Roll-On Deodorant for Men
  7. Sebamed Anti-Hairloss Shampoo
  8. Sebamed Damaged Hair Repair Conditioner
  9. Sebamed Intimate Feminine Wash pH 6.8
  10. SebaMed Liquid Face & Body Wash
  11. SebaMed Moisturiser Lotion
  12. SebaMed Olive Face & Body Wash
  13. Sebamed Gentle Baby Wash
  14. Sebamed Sensitive Balsam Roll-On Deodorant
  15. Sebamed Fresh Aluminium Free Roll-On Deodorant
  16. Sebamed Baby Bubble Bath
  17. Sebamed Mens Aftershave Balm
  18. Sebamed Baby Nappy Rash Cream
  19. Sebamed Anti-Stretch Mark Cream
  20. Sebamed Baby Skin Care Pack
  21. SebaMed Cleansing Bar
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21 Items

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