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OptiBac Probiotics

optibac-probioticsOptibac Probiotics boast over 30 years of experience and provide a range of probiotic supplements which contain ‘friendly bacteria’ and ‘live cultures’ which have proven benefits to the human body. Completely natural with no added extras such as flavours, colourings, preservatives or preservatives the Optibac Probiotics for women is second to none. Especially for your intimate flora, it is yeast free, gluten free, vegan and suitable for pregnant women and those whom are going through the menopause. 

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  1. Optibac Probiotics for Women
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  2. OptiBac Probiotics for Every Day (30 capsules)
  3. OptiBac Probiotics for Every Day MAX (30 capsules)
  4. OptiBac Probiotics for Babies & Children (30 sachets)
  5. OptiBac Probiotics for Every Day EXTRA Strength (30 capsules)
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5 Items

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