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Established in 1977, MIP UK Ltd is a Bedfordshire based firm that provide effective, affordable, quality care. Their people are experts in their field and they know their customer's needs require the right people and the right supplies. MIP are dedicated to supplying outstanding healthcare textile solutions that answer your individual situation, need and daily requirements, working tirelessly to ensure your needs are met and the quality of care is delivered.

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  1. Super Absorbent Machine Washable Incontinence Bed Pad with Under-Mattress Tucks
  2. Decorative Protective Floor Rug Absorbent & Washable Incontinence Protection
  3. Incontinence Protection Velour Chair Pad
    As low as £7.50
  4. Heel Protectors to Prevent Pressure Sores - 1 Pair
  5. Waterproof Breathable Reusable Mattress Protector
    As low as £19.99
  6. Sonoma Machine Washable Super Absorbent Bed Pad
  7. SleepKnit Pressure Relieving Smart Sheets - Single Bed
    As low as £9.99
  8. MRSA Resistant Wipe Clean Batwing Pillow
    As low as £7.99
  9. Waterproof Machine Washable Bedding Covers for Pillow or Duvet
    As low as £34.99
  10. TruBliss Machine Washable Pillow
  11. Sonoma Washable Absorbent Chair Pad - Pink
  12. Luxury MRSA Resistant Waterproof Wipe Clean Duvet
    As low as £69.99
  13. Bed Safety Wedges
  14. Bedside Padded Floor Mat for Fall Protection
  15. TruBliss Machine Washable Single Duvet 10.5 Tog
  16. Luxury Waterproof Wipe Clean Pillow
    Out of stock
  17. Machine Washable Absorbent Pressure Point Bed Pad for Mattress and Skin Protection
    Out of stock
  18. Washable Waterproof Bed Protection Pad
    Out of stock
  19. Poncho Style Wheelchair Blanket
    Out of stock

19 Items

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