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Garden Genie

gardenGarden Genie offer quality products that protect and maintain every part of your garden. Whether it's tackling mould, keeping away pests or simply protecting your new paint job, Garden Genie has the answer to your wishes!

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  1. Garden Genie Waterproofer for Awnings, Cushions and Umbrellas
  2. Garden Genie Cat and Dog Stay Away
  3. Garden Genie Concentrate Multi-Purpose Plant Feed
  4. Garden Genie Decking Cleaner
  5. Garden Genie Liquid Concentrate Lawn Feed
  6. Garden Genie 2 in 1 Path & Patio Cleaner
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  7. 100% Organic Pond Cleaner & Clarifier for Algae & Duckweed
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7 Items

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