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Eyebrow Care Guide

Eyebrow Care Guide

Make sure you have the right tools 

When it comes to getting perfectly shaped eyebrows, you need to have the right tools. Whether you’re a beginner, learning to shape your eyebrows properly at home, or looking to maintain results after a professional session, you’ll need the following tools for the best eyebrow care:

• A brow pencil
• Slanted tweezer – preferably stainless steel
• A spoolie brush
• Sharp brow scissors
• Eyebrow wax or gel – to hold eyebrow follicles in place

For advanced eyebrow care or maintenance, you may also need:

• A pomade crayon
• Eyebrow highlighter
• Microwaveable grooming wax

How To Make Eyebrows Thicker

All eyebrows are unique. Some are naturally thicker and bushier, while others are thinner. However, they’re rarely naturally symmetrical. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for people with more sparse brows to achieve that fuller look. Touching up thin brows with eyebrow makeup can give a fuller appearance – offering that desirable bushy look. Eyebrow fillers – such as a pomade crayon or a styling pencil – can also reshape your brows or accentuate their shape.

For an instantly thicker look:

• Comb the hairs using a spoolie brush – flicking in an upward direction
• With a thin-nibbed brow pencil, draw short lines along the length of the brow to give the appearance of a thicker look
• Touch up your brow follicles with brow mascara – this adds thickness and weight to your existing hairs and helps fill out sparse brows.

And for added thickness, finish with eyebrow highlighter. Guide the highlighter beneath the brow and follow the brow bone to create a more pronounced arch, for the appearance of thicker, fuller eyebrows. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with naturally bushy and symmetrical eyebrows. However, there are ways you can aid hair growth and get one step closer to your dream brows.

  • • Avoid over grooming
    Getting overly pluck-happy is common. A well-plucked hair often means the entire follicle is removed in the process. And it can take up to 6-weeks for the hair to start growing back.
    Many people who are unhappy with the thickness of their eyebrows have typically over-plucked them. So, it’s important to know when to stop. When plucking or shaping your eyebrows, take regular breaks, step back and assess the situation to stop yourself from going overboard.
  • • De-stress
    It’s a well-known fact that stress can cause hair loss – and your eyebrows are no different. It’s important to factor in some ‘you’ time each day – whether it be relaxing or taking a break from your hectic schedule to do something you enjoy – to avoid the negative health impacts of stress.
  • • Use the right products
    Even if you’ve fallen victim to over-plucking or have naturally fair eyebrows, you can stimulate hair growth with the help of the right products.
    For example, the natural vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids found in coconut oil are shown to help regrow hair and prevent further damage.
    Lavender oil is packed full of vitamin A – a vital component that cells need for hair regrowth and repair. 
    Plus, if you’re looking to strengthen your brow follicles and protect them against damaging free radicals, castor oil offers protection, while also moisturising – leaving your brows with a natural shine.
  • • Live a healthy lifestyle
    Healthy lifestyles boast plenty of benefits – one of them being hair strength and growth. 
    Maintaining a balanced diet packed with vitamins A through E and protein is crucial for eyebrow care. It stimulates cellular repair and strengthens hair fibres. 
    Make sure you’re getting plenty of exercise, too, as this helps circulate blood flow and get vital nutrients to the follicles, keeping them healthier for longer.

How to shape eyebrows with a pencil

Another way to make your eyebrows appear thicker is to use a brow pencil. 
Getting it right the first time can be daunting. So, if you’re wondering how to shape your eyebrows at home with a pencil, follow these simple steps:

  • • Choosing the right pencil 
    Typically, eyebrow pencils come in a range of thicknesses and colours. So, think about the look you’re trying to achieve from your eyebrows. For example, if you’re looking to fill them out, a thick eyebrow marker will give you a long-lasting, striking finish. If you’re looking for a more natural shape, thin pencils can help touch up sparse areas of your brow for a more prominent arch.
    Make sure the pencil is sharp before starting. This way, you can be more precise with your strokes.
  • • Begin to fill out the brow
    Target the sparse areas of the brow first, with light strokes that curve upwards. You can then go back and layer areas for additional thickness without losing that natural look.
    Similarly to when you’re plucking, take regular breaks, stand back and look in the mirror. This way, you’ll avoid going overboard.
  • • Blend and finish
    Using a spoolie or brow brush, gently run over the brows. This helps blend the pencilled-in parts with your existing hair, for a natural and undetectable look.
    It’s also an effective way to get a striking, smoky effect on your arches and accentuate features.
    Make sure everything stays in place by finishing with a brow wax or gel. Be sure to only use a small amount to protect your finished look.

How To Tweeze & Wax Your Eyebrows At Home

DIY eyebrow care can be incredibly nerve-jangling. The last thing you want is to get it wrong and spend weeks waiting for your hair to grow back.
Luckily, following these quick and easy steps will help you achieve the shapely eyebrows you’re after.

• Trim eyebrows before plucking – Make sure any hairs surrounding the eyebrow are trimmed down. This helps reveal the actual shape of your eyebrows and where to begin plucking from.
• Wash your face – Using warm water and facial scrub, clean your face. Dead skin and bacteria can clog pores after a plucking session, leading to ingrown hairs or blemishes – washing your face helps prevent this.
• Locate your beginning and endpoints  The top of your brow should be around one inch above the corner of your eye. To find out where the starting point should be, flip a pair of tweezers upside down and hold it to one side of your nose. Where the vertex of the tweezer lands is where your eyebrows should finish – setting the marker and helping you to avoid overplucking.
• Start tweezing the larger hairs  Begin by tweezing away the darker, more prominent hairs under the arch to gradually create the shape on one side. You can use this as a benchmark for the second eyebrow to achieve symmetry.
• Work on the finer hairs – the lighter, fine hairs around the eyebrow also need plucking to get the desired shape. If this is too tricky, you can use an eyebrow microblade to trim the outer hairs with less risk.
• Soothe the skin  Plucking can cause pain, irritation and even mild inflammation. For instant relief, apply some aloe vera gel or soothing cream after a session to reduce irritation and exfoliate to guarantee any open pores are clean.

Some people prefer waxing brows. When done correctly, waxing can be a faster way to get your desired shape. And hair follicles typically don’t grow back as fast when waxing.
For the best results:

• Make sure you have the right supplies – this includes microwavable grooming wax, tweezers, a pair of small scissors and a brow comb.
• Mark the areas you’re looking to wax with a pencil to demarcate your eyebrows and know where to apply the wax.
• Microwave the wax for 10-15 seconds or until it has a smooth consistency, like honey.
• Apply the wax to the perimeter of the eyebrows.
• Allow it a minute or two to cool before removing. The wax should still be warm to the touch and flexible when you come to remove it.

How much eyebrow hair should you tweeze or wax?

With every eyebrow being different, the decision will ultimately depend on your eyebrows, personal preference and the style you want, many people don't know where to stop and end up overplucking their brows, leaving them too thin, too short or with an exaggerated arch. When plucking or waxing, take breaks, step back and reassess at regular intervals to give yourself greater accuracy and avoid overdoing it

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