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Eyebrow Care Guide

Eyebrow Care Guide

Most people turn to a professional to shape and take care of their eyebrows; however, in recent times we’ve been left to wonder how to deal with our eyebrows at home, given this new socially distanced world. Maintaining your grooming and beauty routines isn’t necessarily an essential part of life, but it can be an important and relaxing self-care ritual that helps you feel like yourself in an increasingly uncertain and strange situation. We are here to help you care for your eyebrows at home.

Let it grow If you've been wanting to grow your brows out, now is the time. Use your time at home and away from judging eyes to let your natural brows grow out.


Cleanse the area Many people tend to breakout if they don't clean the area first, but you can use your regular face wash or cleansing method. If you have sensitive skin and are planning to pluck, taking a shower may ease the pain – the heat and steam from the shower will open your pores and make the plucking almost pain-free.

ParacetamolDefine your natural shape Before you start anything, you'll want to identify your natural brow shape. To help you figure this out, we recommend getting a long thin object, like a ruler, chopstick or straw. Place the object against the outer tip of your nostril and then hold it upwards towards the top of your head. Where this lines up with your brows is where the brow should begin. Next, you are going to rotate the object until it lines up with the centre of your eye, where this lines up with your brow is where your brow arch should sit. Lastly, rotate the object further – still having the base point on the edge of your nostril – until it lines up with the corner of your whole eye, this is where your brow should end.


ParacetamolUse make-up as a guide If you have let your brows grow free and are unsure where to start, trace your dream brow shape using a brow pencil so you are sure where to pluck and what to leave behind! Check out our eyebrow shaper to get you on your way to your dream brows!

Top tips

• Stay away from daily plucking. For a neat and tidy look, take your tweezers out every three days or so, but this depends on how quickly your hair grows back

• If you want to wax – just be warned, you can end up burning your skin as it’s a sensitive area

• There are plenty of tutorials available on YouTube that are great for beginners

• Always place your tweezers on an angle when plucking hairs and pull directly from the root. This will prevent hair breakage

• Spread some Jojoba oil onto your brows at night with a Q-tip to nourish the hair and encourage growth, then wash off with a gentle face wash in the morning.

• You could also take a collagen supplement as this can help restore your over plucked eyebrows and encourage your eyebrows to grow faster, longer and thicker.

• Outline your brows with a cosmetic highlighter that's one shade lighter than your skin tone to brighten up your brow area

• Stand at a slight distance from your mirror while tweezing – being too close can lead to over-eager plucking!

• If you're using a pencil, use short, hair-like strokes to mimic the natural look of your brow.