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Regain your Glow with these Sensational Spring Beauty Secrets

Regain your Glow with these Sensational Spring Beauty Secrets
Posted in: Beauty
While you’re spring cleaning your house, why not take a look at your skin care routine as well? Most of us are guilty of ignoring the use-by dates on your skin care products, but they’re important! Moisturisers and face washes should be thrown away after around 6 months to a year; after this they will lose their effectiveness and harbour nasty bacteria! After you’ve purged your out of date products, why not take the opportunity to add some new life to your routine? These skin care tips will help you lose that dull winter skin and enter spring looking glowing and full of life!

Exfoliate to remove winter skin

Dry skin is a big problem over the winter months; cold dry air when you’re outside and central heating inside causes havoc with your complexion! No skin care routine is complete without exfoliation; you need to regularly remove dead and dry skin cells to keep skin fresh and glowing. Experts recommend that you exfoliate once or twice a week; this is enough to keep your face refreshed without making it tender. For better exfoliation, try using an electric facial brush like the Beurer FC45 Facial Cleansing Brush. It cleans your face four times more thoroughly than washing alone, all without the irritation that some scrubs can cause to sensitive skin. This fantastic brush will gently but thoroughly remove dead skins cells and unblock pores, while increasing your circulation and collagen production. Look at this 5-star review: beurer FC45

Light therapy will help you maintain your complexion

This tip will light up your skin! Light therapy has been used in medical settings for years to treat scars and heal skin more quickly. The fantastic effect that LED light has on the skin means it’s also highly effective at improving your complexion. The Davita BeautyLite BL 100 features the full colour spectrum of LED light, so it can be used for acne, wrinkles and inflammation. Blue light therapy is antibacterial, banishing the germs that cause acne. Use the red light therapy option to stimulate healing and collagen production – this will combat wrinkles and fine lines. The yellow and green LED lights are great for your general complexion as they purify your skin by encouraging your lymph nodes to drain out toxins.

Cleanse with a facial sauna to get that glow

On you non-exfoliating days you’ll want to use a simple cleanser. If you suffer from acne, then try one of our favourite natural skin care products - Salcura Antiac ACTIV Gel Serum. Changes in the weather can cause flare ups of acne as your skin adjusts to new conditions. Salcura Antiac ACTIV is specially designed to clear up break outs in just 30 days, using plant extracts like sea buckthorn. For an extra boost to your cleansing routine, a weekly facial sauna will do wonders. Steam is amazing at clearing out pores and refreshing your skin - with no products needed, just water! The Beurer FS50 Facial Sauna with Steam Inhaler is an ideal way to experience a spa facial at home. You can even add essential oils to the water to enjoy relaxing scents while you cleanse your skin. See what this user thought: Beurer FS50

Try a new moisturiser for the new year

Now that you’ve thrown out that scummy old moisturiser it’s time for a change! Your skin needs all the hydration it can get while it’s recovering from the harshness of winter. So many moisturisers on the high street contain additives that are no good for you skin and body. These include parabens and palm oil that have been linked to cancer, and lanolin that can cause serious skin irritation and allergies. For a natural moisturiser that’s free of any nasties, try B Skincare Enriched Moisturiser. Instead of manmade chemicals it uses natural ingredients like honey, which is antibacterial, antioxidant and wonderfully nourishing. This luxurious moisturiser also contains jojoba oil and apricot oil; these are fantastically hydrating and will reduce any inflammation you’ve experienced from the cold weather.

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