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Squatting- The Key To The Complete Toilet Visit

Picture the scene, the earliest humans chilling out in their cave homes after just tucking into a big delicious meal, bellies just about to burst. Do you think when they went to do a number two that they visited a lovely, clean, and shiny porcelain toilet like you would?

The answer is obviously no and we probably shouldn’t either, it is actually unhealthy for us. Since the dawn of humanity, we have gone to the toilet in a squatting position, its how our bodies are designed to work, it is only in the last couple of hundred years we have started sitting in the way we do. Sitting on a western style toilet means that the puborectalis muscle puts a kink in the rectum which restricts movement and cause you problems when you go to the toilet.

At anyone one time it is estimated that 1 in 7 adults are suffering from constipation with the UK spending around 5-6 million pounds every year on laxatives, a pretty unnecessary cost. Constipation is worse than just an uncomfortable feeling, its really bad for your health too as it can lead to other more serious issues such as haemorrhoids, colon disease and pelvic floor issues.

An issue with constipation is that you might not even realise it’s affecting you, if you have constantly suffered from it then how would you ever know there is a problem? We often think of constipation as not being ‘regular’ but what even is regular? What you would regard as regular isn’t necessarily healthy. Ideally you should be going for a number two every day. Other signs of constipation are dry and lumpy stool, lots of straining on the toilet and a constant bloated feeling.

Suffering from constipation, you are predisposed to all the major colorectal disorders, including enlarged haemorrhoids and colorectal cancer. Additionally, the longer the waste sits in your colon, the more toxins are reabsorbed which can lead to them being circulated back into the blood stream, the same toxins that your body knew needed to be emitted in the first place. This will affect your overall health and wellbeing. Large stools, a result of not going enough, can stretch the colon, irritating the whole area. They may also become stuck to the colon walls due to their consistency, leading to long term damage.

So what can you do about it? Well basic advice would be to start drinking more water, and eating more fibre, both are crucial in the digestive process. However, this isn’t always enough, checking a strict diet in modern life is difficult. So, what else can you do to end the constant bloating and full feeling? Well you need to change the way you are going to the toilet and go back to getting yourself in a squat position like our earliest ancestors did. Don’t worry though, we aren’t expecting you to do a squat on top of the toilet, that would ridiculous and probably be even more dangerous for you than the constipation itself. The easier and safer solution is a Go Better Toilet Stool. Using a Go Better Toilet stool puts your body back into its natural position for going to the toilet. The stool simply sits round the bottom of your toilet and raises your feet to a height that mimics the squat position. Not only does the squatting posture eradicate the need to strain, it reduces the overall pressure being put on the body and ensures that the bowel is completely emptied to stop a build-up of waste. All the problems and effects of constipation solved in one small movement.

Feel lighter, healthier, and happier in one simple movement, a Go Better Toilet Stool goes back to basics and ensures you give your body the best chance to fully clear itself of the nasty waste. Once you have used one and see the difference you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one.