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10 Tips to Make Your Bedroom Allergen Free

Did you know there are 10 ways you can help reduce the allergens around your bedroom this summer to steer you away from sniffles and sneezes. Read on to find out how and you will also find a 20% off offer code to help you just a little more.

So, you have finally battled off your winter cold, the sun is starting to say hello a little more and just when everything seems great again your little friend hay fever comes back. You don’t have to let this summer be ruined again though, this time you can be the winner by just following 10 simple steps.

1. Open your windows

It may seem like the last thing you would want to do, after all the outside is where all the pollen is but letting more fresh air in and improving the circulation can help improve the quality of air you breath in.

2. Tidy Up

A spring clean is more useful that you would think. Tidying up and putting away all the clutter will reduce the allergens in your room. Most things are just dust traps that make it harder to clean.  Have a look at our range of storage solutions to help you.

3. Clean your bed

Your mattress and is the perfect home for dust mites. Regularly vacuum and rotate your mattress to remove any little critters and finish by using Professional Strength Dust Mite Control Spray for extra protection from dust mites.

4. Damp Dust

Just like your bed, the other furniture in your room can be an ideal place for allergens to hide but they are hard to clean as most cleaners would damage the material and its often quite hard to put a sofa in a washing machine. By using Professional Strength Cushion, Carpet and Fabric Freshener you can guarantee that all your furniture is thoroughly clean and protected.

5. Give your bedding a proper wash.

Wash your bedding on a high temperature to kill off on nasty allergens that have become trapped in the fibres. Not only is this good for your allergies but everyone knows there is nothing comfier than a bed with fresh and clean sheets.

6. Go natural with your bedding

Use naturally treated bedding. Cheap chemically treated bedding can aggravate your allergies whilst you sleep.

7. Stay cool

A lightweight duvet will mean you have a better sleep on those hot and stuffy summer nights. A better sleep will leave you ready to tackle the horrors of allergies the next day.

8. Be proactive not reactive

You don’t want to be reliant on medications so ensure you do every can to not aggravate your allergies. Cater to your needs, if you have an allergy to dust mites then use a dust mite protection spray, if it is a pollen allergy you have then avoid having flowers in the house.

9. Clean the air around you

We breath in up to 17,000 litres of air every day with 90% of that being indoors but we do little to improve the quality of the air and to remove anything that can trigger your allergies. Using an air purifier can do just that, the FitAir Halo HEPA Air Purifier sterilises 99.99% of air born pollutants in just 30 minutes. Use one to ensure the air you breath is as clean and fresh as possible.

10. Reduce humidity

Added humidity in your room gives mould the perfect environment to grow, the spores released by mould can then have an adverse effect on your breathing whether you’re allergic or not. Using a dehumidifier can bring humidity levels back to a safe level. You are particularly at risk if you have an ensuite bathroom.

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