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Shining the Light on Low Level Light Therapy

Light- the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible but is that all it is useful for? The answer is no, light at various frequencies and wavelengths has various uses. For this article, we will be focusing on low level light therapy (LLLT). LLLT can regrow hair, heal wounds, manage chronic pain, and even rejuvenate skin, yet it remains unfamiliar to many. You’re now probably wondering what is LLLT, what can it be used for, and more importantly does it actually work? Here’s everything you need to know about how and why LLLT works, what it’s used for.

How does LLLT work?

The cells in your body naturally degrade as we age, leading to hair loss, vision impairments, and other ailments. Doctors have found that low level light therapy can ‘excite’ the cells with causes them to perform more efficiently at what they are there to do!

What is LLLT Therapy used for?

Light therapy at a variety of wavelengths has been shown to promote hair growth, relieve pain, and help with all round skin health e.g. wrinkles, acne, and complexion, all by improving the performance of the cells in the area the light is applied to. When the scalp is treated by LLLT, hair cells in and around the hair follicle are stimulated by a complex chemical reaction enables the cells to work more efficiently and divide and produce more cells, leading to new and thicker hair growth. When the face is treated by LLLT Collagen production is increased because of the better performing cells, this gives you a much more full and youthful looking face. Extending the active lifespan of these cells allows them to perform at higher levels for much longer meaning you look and feel younger. How LLLT works

What kind of light is used for LLLT and is it Safe?

Typically, LLLT devices are equipped with LEDs, which have proven to be effective at exciting cells. There’s no question that LLLT is safe. In clinical trials for LLLT for hair growth, there were zero side effects to the treatment. In most cases, LLLT doesn’t even emit heat because of the wavelengths used. Devices that emit infrared wavelengths, however, will generate heat.

What to consider when buying a LLLT device

So now you know more about LLLT you probably want to give it a go but how do you know what device you should invest in? Which device is going to give you the results you crave? The market is full of choices all promising amazing results but we have picked the best so that you can be sure you have made the right decision.

Handheld v wearable v table top

Not one of the 3 options can be said to be better than the others, it depends what you want from your device. If you looking for targeted pain relief in a certain part of your body then a handheld device such as the Beurer MG70 Infrared Body Massager will be perfect for the job. If you want a device that you can switch on and enjoy whilst watching the TV then the Beurer IL35 Infrared Light is great therapy for any aches and pains. Wearable devices deliver constant, uniform doses to the target area during the treatment, making each session highly consistent, if that’s what you are looking for Collagenius Collagen Therapy LED Facial Mask is an perfect option.

Power Source

Battery-operated devices will experience variation in ampage and wattage which will affect the devices efficacy. The best results come from plug-in devices. Battery operated devices may be slightly more convenient but with most LLLT treatments taking less than half an hour it is not worth the sacrifice of performance.

Light Wavelength

Light at different wavelengths has different benefits to you. From Blue light (470nm) has anti-bacterial properties that can help clear skin of acne and other blemishes. Red Light (620-700nm) boosts collagen production for fuller and smoother skin and improve the cellular activity of hair follicles for fuller, thicker hair. Finally, at the end of the spectrum is Infrared light (700nm-1mm), which has been proven to effectively alleviate aches and pains in muscles and joints. The soothing warmth that is created from infrared lamps penetrates deeply into the skin to help stimulate blood flow where you need it most. The power of light cannot be denied but previously restricted to expensive therapy sessions in a clinic meant that it was inaccessible to most of us. However, as the technology has advanced you can now reap the benefits of LLLT all from the comfort of your home and at a fraction of the price.