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Celebrating the Best of British Brands on St. George's Day

Celebrating the Best of British Brands on St. George's Day
23 April 2014 251 view(s)

Celebrating the Best of British Brands on St. George's Day

Happy St. George’s Day! Today is an opportunity to celebrate all things British, so we’re showcasing our favourite British brands! Neurotrac - British brand available at StressNoMoreWho? Neurotrac pride themselves on developing high-tech electronic pain relief and rehab devices that are suitable for both medical practitioner and patient to use. Their TENS and EMS machines are simple to use but incredibly effective, and have helped hundreds of our customers manage chronic pain and recover from debilitating injuries. Top product? The Neurotrac Sports XL, a dual channel EMS machine which has been designed to help athletes and sports players maximise their performance. With 21 built-in programmes, the Sports XL is suitable for rehabilitating damaged or weak muscles during recovery from injury, or for relaxing and conditioning muscles after exercise sessions. It can also help to warm muscles up before exercise and to build up key muscle areas to enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury. This device is loved by athletes and sports physios alike. Stratum C - British brand available at StressNoMoreWho? Created by Forme Labs, Stratum C is an incredible skincare range designed exclusively for women going through the menopause. Hormonal changes cause the skin to become thinner, drier, more sensitive and prone to age spots during and after the menopause. Although there are endless anti-ageing beauty products on the market none of them work to combat the effects of the menopause, which is the root cause of deep-set wrinkles and lines. Except, of course, for Stratum C, which is clinically proven to reduce existing wrinkles by 45%! Top Product? Stratum C Menopause Protect Cream flies off our shelves. This daily moisturiser contains a unique combination of 6 active peptides which work to increase collagen production, thoroughly hydrate deep tissue layers and leave skin looking plumped, bright and radiant. Although rather pricey, a little of this cream goes a long way and you’ll be amazed by its results; once you’ve tried it you’ll love it. Sabona - British brand available at StressNoMoreWho? Sabona is the original, and the best, manufacturer of therapeutic copper bracelets. They are internationally renowned for producing high quality, stylish jewellery; and the best part is they’re British! Unlike cheaper alternatives, Sabona copper bracelets have a high copper content which means they hold their shape really well and they can provide relief from pain for up to 2 years before needing to be replaced. Sabona also offer magnetic bracelets and copper support garments. Top product? The originals are always the best; Sabona’s Plain Copper Bracelet is their best-selling product. Suitable for men and women, this bracelet has a smooth, shiny finish and looks simple and elegant on any wrist and with any outfit.

British brand available at StressNoMore

Who? Kegel8 is the UK’s most popular pelvic health brand. They provide the most advanced and innovative pelvic floor exercisers on the market, and offer second-to-none advice and support via a friendly, all-female customer service team. Top product? The Kegel8 Ultra 20, an electronic pelvic toner with 20 clinically proven programmes which are based on the latest clinical evidence. The Ultra 20 is suitable for women of all ages with mild to severe pelvic floor weakness, and can help them to overcome urine leaks, overactive bladder, lack of sensation, prolapse and nerve damage within just 12 weeks.

B Skincare - British brand available at StressNoMore

Who? Cornish company B Skincare produce lovingly handmade, natural skincare products that are great for your skin and the environment. They only use ethically sourced ingredients, many of them local to Cornwall, and never ever include nasty parabens or artificial fragrances which can damage skin. They never ever test on animals, use recyclable packaging and work really hard to keep their carbon footprint down when ordering products. Top product? B Skincare Beeswax Hand & Foot Cream is incredibly popular and much-loved by nurses, doctors and gardeners who are prone to dry, cracked skin. It is cool and soothing when applied to sore skin and highly nourishing to help heal and protect. It’s brilliant for hands and feet but also great on elbows, knees, ankles or anywhere else you suffer from dry skin.

PainEaze - British brand available at StressNoMore

Who? PainEaze provide natural, fast-acting and incredibly effective pain relieving sprays and roll-ons. Their products are really versatile, and suitable for treating arthritic joint pain, muscular aches, rheumatism, sports injuries and bruises. The formulation is non-greasy so quickly sinks into the skin to get to work on pain without leaving any residue behind, and since it contains natural ingredients it is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin. Top Product? The original PainEaze Roll-On will always be a favourite with our customers! The roll-on tube makes application really easy, and its small, compact size means it is easy to store in your bathroom cabinet, bedside table, handbag, locker or sports bag to treat pain quickly and easily whenever it strikes.