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Valkee Bright Light Headset


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  1. A revolutionary new way to treat SAD
  2. 92% of users saw their symptoms disappear with 4 weeks use
  3. Easy to use in-ear system
  4. Registered Class II Medical Device

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A revolutionary way to combat the symptoms of SAD

The traditional way to treat the symptoms of SAD is lightbox therapy - sitting in front of a high intensity light for approximately an hour a day. However, the experts at Valkee have discovered an alternative. They have developed the first SAD light technology that works via the ear canal, through a small device that looks like an MP3 player, and shines the light into the ears via earbuds.

"You don’t need bright light in your house. You need to light up your brain – that’s where your mood lives"

This technology has been developed on the principal that in order for the light therapy to be effective, it needs to hit the photosensitive parts of the brain - lightboxes worked in this way via transmitting the light through the eyes - but the Valkee system transmits the light through the ears - this is where the skull is thinnest and therefore the light can reach the photosensitive parts of the brain more efficiently.

"The truth is... I have felt genuine benefits"

Studies have shown a marked improvement in the symptoms of SAD with just 8-12 minutes use a day - much quicker than traditional SAD lightbox therapy. 92% of winter blues sufferers experienced a total relief from their symptoms in 4 weeks.

"Using the Valkee in the morning helps me get up and get going, with the kind of energy and good mood I'd normally only have in the evening."

It also makes it easier for me to fall asleep at night.

What's more, Valkee can be used to combat jetlag, as the light helps to regulate the body's circadian rhythm (the one that's responsible for sleep), so if you're a frequent traveller, this could help you too. And, due to the small and convenient size of the unit, you can use it in the morning, during your commute, or at work. It's portable and looks just like an MP3 player.

"I used Valkee in California... from the very first day I felt no jetlag symptoms..."

The Valkee Bright Light Headset has been clinically tested and is registered as a Grade II Medical Device. It's a new and innovative way to combat the crippling symptoms of SAD and jetlag.

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SKU / Product Code 91956
Brand Valkee

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Twelve minutes and I am human again! Amazing Review by jamilla
Product Rating
I am amazed with this tiny gadget! My GP had advised me to use a light box for regulating circadian rhythm sleep disorder and sleep onset insomnia – apparently it can be treated with a light box as for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). I did try a light box but didn’t get on with it.

The Valkee works perfectly for me, I use it the morning – I find that it helps me get up and get going, with energy and a sense of wellbeing. A treatment cycle is only 12 minutes long

I have had the Valkee for two weeks now and I have so far used it daily. I'm so glad I went for it! (Posted on 4 June 2013)
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After using my valkee for about six weeks I am suffering with headaches, this happened last year and I stopped using it and was taking anti depressants, I do not want to return to anti depressants, has anyone else complained of headaches?