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Lumie Brightspark SAD and Energy Light

  1. Lumie Bright spark energy lights for home or work effectively treats symptoms of SAD
  2. SAD lamp improves and regulates the melatonin and cortisol hormones helping with depression
  3. Effective light therapy results in 45-90 minutes a day
  4. Emits a powerful 10,000 LUX
  5. Perfect to sit on any table or desk with its small footprint giving you BIG results

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Never let a dull and dismal day drag you down – the Lumie Brightspark SAD and energy light can be the little - yet powerful - light in your life

Lumie Brightspark Lifestyle

The sunny days in June naturally improve our mood; but what happens when June feels like a million miles away and you’re stuck in dismal weather? Or when June arrives but has forgotten the sun! Exposing yourself to extra bright light on those dreary days can actually enhance your mood and give you the boost you need to feel more awake. Using the Lumie Brightspark regularly can really make a huge impact on alleviating symptoms of SAD such as over-indulging in food, cravings for particular carbohydrates, exhaustion, depression, lack of energy and motivation.

Easing these symptoms can give you the boost you need to get up and go; the light emitted from the Lumie Brightspark SAD lamp regulates the hormones cortisol and melatonin which aid in helping you stay awake and fall to sleep. Are you struggling with a hormonal teenager that refuses to get out of bed? It’s not coincidence that all teenagers are the same - your teenager’s hormones are unbalanced. Using the Brightspark desk lamp just for 45 minutes a day can help improve their ‘groggy’ mood and regulate their sleeping pattern.

The Lumie Brightspark has a small footprint so it can sit at any desk or table; perfect for your teenager if they find it difficult to concentrate or be motivated to do their homework. The light emitted works at 10,000 LUX, you will notice a greatly improved mood and more motivation.

Did you know that lighting has an effect on a patients recovery in hospital?  Light is so beneficial to us - don't miss out on your share!

Studies show that lighting in hospitals has a direct impact on a patients recovery; the 150LUX lighting that is emitted in hospitals is a bare minimum to what we should all receive - a staggering 1500LUX, daily! Poorly lit hospitals counteract with a patients recovery as they can make the melatonin and cortisol hormones irregular, thus disturbing their sleeping patterns which play a huge role in recovery. Brightening hospitals throughout the day can help to improve a patients health, mood and recovery. Reducing light levels in the evening, or using red glow lights, then help patients fall asleep and get the quality of rest the body needs.

Shine the light in your home today to chase the blues away.

What do you get with the Lumie Brightspark SAD and energy light?

  • Ideal size for office or table, small size but BIG on power!
  • Perfect for reading too - high-contrast light
  • Powerful 10,000 lux at only 20cm
  • Attractive brushed aluminium finish
  • Timer function, recommended treatment time of between 45–90 minutes
  • Can be used all day or as and when necessary
  • Brightspark is supplied with two 24W daylight spectrum bulbs

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SKU / Product Code 91961
Programmes Timer, Typical treatment time: 45-90 mins
Brand Lumie
Recommended For Brightspark is a small but powerful SAD lightbox, versatile for use at home or in the workplace.
Certification Class IIa Medical Device
Power Mains with Light output: 10,000 lux at 20cm, with 2 x 24W daylight spectrum bulbs
Warranty 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty
User Manual View and/or Download the Lumie Brightspark User Manual
Colour Silver and Blue
Depth 15cm (6 inches)
Height 40cm (15.8 inches)
Product Weight 1.9kg
Width 15cm (6 inches)
Product Rating
5 star :
( 4 )
Total : 4 Reviews
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Effective for SAD Review by Chloe Sumner
Product Rating
I moved to the UK 2 years ago from Australia, needless to say I was not prepared for the long grey winters. I was diagnosed with SAD and found this recommended on a specialist SAD site. I have used this for several weeks so far and I already notice the difference. It is neat and stylish. I am delighted with my purchase and I already feel so much better, luckily too my employer has allowed me to take it to work and use it while I work, this has caused great interest in the office (there are 4 of us) and I am sure you will make more sales as we all feel the 'gloomy months!' (Posted on 7 October 2012)
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(8 of 8 people found this review helpful)
Ray of sunshine Review by Thomas
Product Rating
For a few years now I have noticed a lack of motivation creeping in by the time winter comes along. By the time I got to February 2014 I had had enough - I am envious of people who are able to get away to the sun and get their own little bit of sunshine. This is mine!
Would not be without it, it is a great bedside light to help me read too so it's multifunctional as far as I am concerned. (Posted on 27 January 2015)
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(8 of 9 people found this review helpful)
Replacement tubes Review by Martha
Product Rating
What philips tubes to I look or ask for? Mine has now after 3 years finally come to their end and I am desperate to replace them. Best light investment ever. Love my lumie!! Makes even my fish happy:-))

We're so pleased to hear that you've benefited from your Lumie Brightspark! The bulbs will slowly lose their brightness so, to maintain maximum output and benefit, we recommend you replace them every two to three years. Replacements are available from Lumie. (Posted on 14 December 2015)
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(6 of 6 people found this review helpful)
Fantastic Review by Audrey
Product Rating
This Lumie lamp is great, helps with my SAD all year round. (Posted on 26 July 2016)
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How much energy does the light use if switched on for the recommended 90-minutes a day?
Are the tubes easy to replace? Is the customer able to do this or does it need to be sent away?
Can you overdose on the light boxes
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I've heard some of the lower wattage bulbs have a tendency to flicker in SAD lights. Is this the case with this product?