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Bright Light Therapy

Light therapy is beneficial for us in many ways, easing symptoms associated with depression, insomnia, jet lag, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and light deficiency. These lamps mimic natural light that our bodies need to help balance and improve our mood and reduce feelings of lethargy and depression. Light therapy is one of the most effective ways to treat SAD by combating the symptoms on those dark and gloomy days of the year where you need the natural light most. If you have to wake up and go to work in the evening; light therapy can help you adjust to a night time work schedule making you feel positive, alert and ready to go. Maintain your natural rhythm, any time, any day.

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  1. Beurer TL30 Compact Daylight SAD Lamp
  2. Lumie Vitamin L SAD Lamp Light Box
  3. Beurer TL41 Brightlight
  4. Beurer TL55 Day and Night Wellness Lamp
  5. Beurer TL90 Brightlight
  6. Beurer TL-20 Daylight Therapy Lamp
  7. Lumie Arabica
  8. LitePod SAD Light Box
  9. Lanaform Genial Light Therapy Lamp
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9 Items

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