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Elvie Manual Pelvic Floor Trainer

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  1. Pelvic floor manual trainer ensures you effectively workout your pelvic floor muscles
  2. Fun 5-minute workouts that visually show your muscles are working
  3. Results are stored so you can track the progress you are making
  4. 4 Exercise levels make it suitable for every woman
  5. Recommended by over 800 health and wellness experts worldwide

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Why pelvic floor exercise matters

The pelvic floor is a very important set of muscles that sits like a hammock between your tailbone and pubic bone. When healthy and toned they protect your body against the effects of pregnancy, childbirth, ageing menopause, and impact sport. If your pelvic floor becomes weakened or damaged it can lead to both bladder and bowel incontinence, pelvic pain, prolapse and a lack of intimate sensation. Despite what many tv adverts may suggest, you don’t have to accept a life of leaks every time you cough, sneeze or laugh.

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Pelvic floor exercise, or Kegels, are recommended globally by experts to prevent or treat pelvic floor problems. The problem is the muscles are hidden so they are difficult to exercise correctly as you have no indication you are doing the right thing. That’s where Elvie comes in… 

About Elvie

Elvie is the award-winning manual exercise tracker for your pelvic floor. Simply place inside, connect to the app and track your strength. As you work the muscles they contract which causes the on-screen gem to lift, allowing you to see your pelvic floor exercises in real time. The six unique games have been designed with the help of physiotherapists and experts from Imperial College and University of Oxford. From Speed, which challenges your fast-twitch muscles, to Hold which builds endurance, the 6 different exercises give your pelvic floor a full workout. Elvie is your most personal trainer - motivating and correcting as you exercise, and tracking your progress over time whilst actually making it enjoyable as your try to beat your old scores. The Exercises can be set to 4 different difficulty levels so whether you are a total beginner, or a Kegel queen the Elvie is great for you.

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Why Choose Elvie, the award-winning Kegel exercise tracker?

Elvie is the smallest manual Kegel exerciser available and the only one to detect if you are exercising correctly using motion sense technology. At the same time, the force sensors measure the strength of your squeeze and connects to the app allowing you to see each time exercise and how effective it is. This addresses one of main reasons women fail to do their Kegels, the inability to see if they are doing them properly. Because the app records the results of each workout you can easily see the progress you are making which will help to keep you focused and motivated on the path to gaining a stronger and healthier pelvic floor.

Elvie is made with medical grade silicone and is rubber and latex free. It is 100% waterproof and has passed rigorous testing. More than 150 women were consulted during the design process and over 98% of women found the final shape comfortable and easy to use. It even comes with an optional cover for custom sizing. The small and sleek design of your Elvie and its charging case makes it super discrete, perfect for taking on your travels. 

Unique features:

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Can Elvie be used during pregnancy?

You can use Elvie during pregnancy as long as you are not suffering from any complications. Every pregnancy is unique so if you are unsure, please consult your qualified medical professional before use. We recommend waiting until six weeks after birth before resuming use of your Elvie.

Can I use Elvie with an IUD?

Yes, you can use Elvie with an IUD (or coil). The tail of Elvie is the part that connects to your device, and this remains on the outside. Elvie is completely covered in medical grade silicone with no exposed parts and so is safe to use with the coil.

Is Elvie just for women who have had children?

No, there are numerous factors that can affect the strength of your pelvic floor muscles including pelvic surgery, menopause, high impact exercise, smoking and much more. If you are suffering from any of the symptoms listed above, then Elvie may be for you!

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SKU / Product Code 12235
Programmes 6 Different games for different workouts all with 4 intensity levels
Brand Elvie
Recommended For Manual pelvic trainer that shows how your pelvic floor muscles are performing and records your progress
Can be used with iPhones from 4s and above, Android 4.3 devices and above
Included Contents 1 Elvie, Carry Case, Charging Cable, Extra Cover, Instructions
Material Medical grade silicone
Insertable Length 2 Inches
Power Rechargeable (charger included)
Warranty 2 Years warranty
CE Approved Yes
Washing Instructions Use warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly
Waterproof Yes
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