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Caya Contoured Diaphragm

  1. Body friendly and hormone-free contraceptive diaphragm or cap - a natural contraception method
  2. Ergonomically shaped for easy insertion, comfort and safety
  3. Lightweight and made from medical-grade silicone
  4. Grip dimples and removal dome for easy removal
  5. As safe as traditional diaphragms when used with spermicidal gel

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If you’re searching for a hormone-free, body-friendly contraception method, look no further than the Caya diaphragm or contraceptive cap.

The Caya Contoured Diaphragm is uniquely designed to fit almost any female body thanks to its ergonomic shape. The curved cervical cup is so thin that it will comfortably fit any woman’s cervix and will not be felt by you or your partner during intercourse. Caya is made from medical grade silicone which is completely safe for your body and feels silky smooth and natural.

Some traditional contraceptive diaphragms have metal rims to help them ‘spring’ into their rounded shape. Since metal is quite rigid the diaphragm can push against your vaginal walls and feel bulky and uncomfortable. Plus, it can make it difficult to grab hold of the rim to remove the diaphragm, and there is nothing worse than the feeling that you have something ‘stuck’, and struggling to remove diaphragms like this can cause the vaginal walls to become sore.

The Caya has a lightweight nylon rim encased in body friendly silicone which makes it lighter and much more flexible than traditional diaphragms, allowing it to conform to the shape of your body without any discomfort. Plus, it has a unique removal dome which allows you to easily hook your finger underneath the rim to remove the diaphragm quickly. Another great feature is the grip dimples on each side of the rim; these are designed to help you squeeze the diaphragm when inserting it without your fingers slipping and causing the diaphragm to spring out until it is positioned correctly inside your vagina.

Caya contraception is simple to use and hassle-free!

Caya Contoured Diaphragm

These clever design features help make using your Caya diaphragm as simple and hassle-free as possible. You can wear it for up to 24 hours at a time, and since it is so thin and flexible you will barely even notice it’s there. It’s a brilliant alternative to condoms as it won’t reduce sensation for either partner or cause adverse reactions in those allergic to latex.

The Caya is also a great alternative to the contraceptive pill, implant or contraceptive injections because it is completely free from hormones. Some women cannot use hormone based contraceptives for a number of reasons, for example if they are undergoing cancer treatment, if they are at risk from thrombosis or if they have recently given birth. Many women are simply sensitive to hormones and experience severe side effects such as spotting, acne, headaches and nausea as a result of using hormone-based contraceptives. The Caya has absolutely no side effects, and it will not interfere with your menstrual cycle or temporarily affect your fertility like the pill can.

Included with your Caya Diaphragm is the following:

  • Caya Diaphragm in medical grade silicone
  • Discreet storage case
  • Caya Diaphragm instruction manual
  • Instructional DVD showing you how to use a Caya diaphragm.

The Caya Contoured Diaphragm is created by MedIntim, a leading German manufacturer known for its innovative, high quality and incredibly effective medical devices. The Caya is a Class II medical device and is as safe to use as any traditional diaphragm when used with a spermicidal gel. We recommend Caya Gel or ContraGel; both are free from nonoxynol-9 and are lactic acid based to be kind to your body.

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SKU / Product Code 92703
Brand MedIntim
Recommended For hormone-free birth control and contraception using the caya diaphragm or cap.
Included Contents 1 x Caya Single Size Diaphragm, 1 x Plastic Storage Case, 1 x Manufacturer's Instructions For Use
Material Silicone rubber (there may be a small bump in the centre of your Caya due to the moulding process, this is normal and should not concern you)
User Manual View and/or Download the Caya Contoured Diaphragm User Manual

View and/or Download the Caya Diaphragm Gel User Manual

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A great success for me and I would highly recommend this to other women Review by Karen J
Product Rating
Have used this and the contraceptive gel for over a year now, I enjoy being in control of my own contraception and not having 24 hour protection from pregnancy! I am 34 with 2 children and I didn't want to take the pill again or get a contraceptive implant. I wondered if it would take the spontaneity out of lovemaking - but it doesn't (children already do that quite nicely thank you!) I found it easy to use and it is easy to position well. My husband is unable to feel it and removal is easy.
A great success for me and I would highly recommend this to other women looking for an alternative to prescription based contraception. (Posted on 15 January 2014)
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(44 of 47 people found this review helpful)
a much nicer diaphragm Review by jnofarc
Product Rating
After years of altering my hormones with various forms of contraception, I decided enough was enough and started monitoring my cycle & using a diaphragm when needed. Originally, I had a traditional one which is basically a large circular item with a pronounced edge, and my partner complained about how it felt. I discovered the Caya and thought I'd try it....I was pleased to find it to be a much nicer shape and more refined in structure....and that he didn't even notice that it was in place! So I am happy to say this is a wonderful diaphragm with a much nicer feel than traditionally-shaped ones and I am extremely happy with it. (Posted on 26 February 2014)
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(26 of 26 people found this review helpful)
Easy to use, love the freedom it gives me. Review by Lynda F
Product Rating
Easy to use (even though I have a prolapse), love the freedom it gives me. (Posted on 5 November 2014)
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(15 of 17 people found this review helpful)
Free at last - so liberating Review by Sharky
Product Rating
The Caya cap has been truly liberating for me. I cannot recommend it highly enough, and I know that my body will benefit from being free for the hormones introduced by the 'pill'. (Posted on 18 February 2015)
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(15 of 16 people found this review helpful)
Fuss Free, Hormone Free Contraceptions! Review by Shirl
Product Rating
Fuss free, really like, enable me to take charge of my contraception when I need it.
Would recommend it to other women keen to move away from hormone based contraception. I've tried implants, pill etc and I am fed up with the effects on my body! (Posted on 13 May 2015)
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(14 of 17 people found this review helpful)
I would recommend the caya contraceptive cap. Review by Caz, mum of 4
Product Rating
Fed up with my coil, the first one I had was relatively trouble free, but the second one was a disaster. I don't trust it and decided to look for something else. As I am 47 and on wind-down with my fertility, this seemed the perfect option and I am delighted how easy it is to use. Wish I had used it between my babies 15 years ago. I would recommend the caya contraceptive cap. (Posted on 25 June 2015)
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(14 of 15 people found this review helpful)
Brilliant Review by Vivie
Product Rating
A simple easy to use contraception method. I have always enjoyed the cap. Do not forget to put a good dollop of a spermicide gel before inserting and actually put over the ridge as it will help with insertion. My partner does not feel it, and even if he does the diaphragm has not cause him any pain or ailments. All around a good product. (Posted on 11 July 2016)
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(10 of 11 people found this review helpful)
Amazing !! Review by Kate
Product Rating
Amazing product !! Wish I had discovered Caya years ago ! After many years on the combined pill and a brief but horrendous few weeks on a contraceptive pill, I had to come off hormonal contraception completely due to severe migraines. After doing a bit of research on the internet I realised that my best option for hormone free contraception would be the diaphragm but my local family planning clinic didn't offer diaphragms anymore. I was offered the coil ( more hormones and NOT recommended for migraine sufferers ) or the copper coil which would give me heavy periods. Not satisfactory at all ! So it was back to the internet to do more research and finally I came across Caya and ordered it immediately. I have admit that I was a little nervous about whether it would fit and getting it in place properly but it was super easy to insert and within a couple of gos I had it in place perfectly. My only worry was that my partner would be able to feel it during sex but neither of us could feel a thing ( and he is on the larger side ). In fact in a way it made sex more enjoyable as it removed the worry that was always in the back of our minds whilst we were using the rhythm /withdrawal method for a few months. For me at 44 this is the perfect contraception. Complete control and freedom. I cannot for the life of me understand why family planning clinics and Drs don't recommend it more, especially for older women who cannot tolerate hormonal methods. (Posted on 31 January 2017)
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(10 of 10 people found this review helpful)
WORKS GREAT Review by Shell
Product Rating
I have been using caya for a yr now and it works great, I love that it doesn't mess with my hormones and the gel is not made with chemicals so it is not irritating like traditional spermicides. (Posted on 16 February 2015)
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(7 of 8 people found this review helpful)
Good product Review by Elizabeth
Product Rating
Arrived quickly. easy to use. (Posted on 12 June 2015)
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(6 of 7 people found this review helpful)

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Product Questions

Can I use this product straight away or do I need to be correctly fitted for it like traditional diaphragms? Does one size fit all?
I saw somewhere that the caya clinical trials showed a failure rate of 13.7% when used effectively. But I was under the impression that most diaphragms have a failure rate of 6-7% when used effectively. Is this a consequence of the 'one size fits most' model? It doesn't fit as well as traditional diaphragms?
Hi, I've never used a diaphragm before and I haven't yet had children. Due to excessive NHS waiting times to get an appointment for even getting a diaphragm fitted, I am considering buying a Caya diaphragm. I'm just wondering if Caya will fit me seeing as I haven't yet had children? I'm basically wondering if my vagina may be too small to use Caya? I appreciate everyone is different but wondered if there is a general rule of thumb. Thanks, Gemma