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MaleEdge - Penis Extender


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  1. 3 designs, medically proven: Male Edge Basic, Male Edge Extra & Male Edge Pro
  2. For bigger stronger erections, men suffering from Peyronie’s Disease & post-surgery scar retraction
  3. Can increase penis length up to 29% and girth up to 19%
  4. Uses traction therapy to help create new cells in the penis
  5. Safe, drug-free alternative to penis surgery


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The MaleEdge penis enlarger and strengthener is a medically proven device that uses traction to increase penis size, help prevent post-surgical scar retraction and treat Peyronie’s Disease

Penis traction is the only safe, non-surgical and painless way to guarantee permanent penis growth. It works by applying a steady stretch to the shaft of the penis. This causes the tissue cells in the penis to divide and multiply. Over time this results in new tissue growth in the penis, making your penis longer and thicker in a matter of weeks or months. 

Using a penis traction device is a much safer alternative to surgery, with no pain, recovery time or undesirable complications to worry about. Results of penis traction devices has been clinically proven and when you stop using the device results will not be reversed. It’s recommended by doctors and surgeons as a safe way to grow the length and girth of your penis.

Peyronie's disease is penis problem caused by scar tissue, called plaque, that forms inside the penis. It can make the penis to bend upward or to the side. MaleEdge Penis Extender is a non-invasive alternative to surgery for treating Peyronie’s Disease. Penis shortening is a common concern after pelvic surgery, and it has been noted in clinical studies that the length of the penis can be reduced by as much as 3cm following Peyronie’s Disease surgery, using MaleEdge avoids this being a problem.

MaleEdge helps to correct Peyronie’s Disease by reducing the size of the plaques that cause the curvature.

The MaleEdge penis traction device is available in three different versions:


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SKU / Product Code 80553
Brand Male Edge
Recommended For Increase penis size, helps prevent post-surgical scar retraction and treat Peyronie’s Disease
Included Contents Shown above
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturers
CE Approved Yes
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Male Edge Pro Version for Peyronies Review by Stan
Product Rating
I was initially drawn to this product by the claim that is corrected 90% penile curvature. I suffered with a palpable lump on the left side of my penis and curvature was a painful 50 degrees when erect. The pain, discomfort and inconvenience meant that whilst penetration was still possible and none of my partners complained, I was deeply unhappy.
Knowing that there were surgical choices available I decided to explore all avenues, but after investigating fully all the aspects of penile curvature correction surgery, I thought I should try other options first. I was given an injection prescription medication to help break down the plaque, I was also advised to try traction therapy for penile straightening. My worry was as soon as I finished the effects of injection had worn off, would the plaque return. I never found out why the plaque masses there in the first place. With the injection I did have swelling of my lymph glands under my arm and it was very much a means to an end, but I would prefer not to have it again. The injection was not a pleasant experience and was most painful.
The traction therapy I started straight after and whilst it is not always easy wearing a device like this for the hours recommended, I did manage with the help of tracksuit bottoms and baggy over-shirts.
Realistically the effects of the traction were noticeable quite quickly, and the straightening after 4 months has now left me with just 10% curvature with erection. The bend in my penis is only minor to what it was, and there is no discomfort. I am not sure how well traction straightening of my penis would have been without the plaque busting injections so I am unable to comment if the traction device worked its magic alone or with the help of the injection. Either way I am happy to recommend this device.
I would also caution any man who notices that the bend in his penis is increasing to be proactive and take preventative measures as soon as possible. I naively kept thinking that it would go away, until it really became too uncomfortable not to. (Posted on 2 June 2017)
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