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Maxhim Prostate Massager

  • Vibration & prostate massage therapy can help relieve prostate pain and release trapped fluid
  • Vibrating prostate massager can enhance sensation and improve health
  • Improve erectile dysfunction, ease frequent urination, genital pain and pelvic pain
  • Designed with an angle for ultimate contact and safe to use internally or externally
  • Completely waterproof and battery operated
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A Prostate Massager improves prostate health quickly and easily

The male prostate is a semen-storing gland that is the size of a walnut; it’s situated at the root of the penis just underneath the bladder. The prostate makes and releases semen and helps to control a healthy bladder function. The prostate plays an essential role in reproduction, sexual performance and is responsible for urinary continence. When the prostate has been damaged or is unhealthy, the gland can have a serious effect on a man’s health. Symptoms of an unhealthy prostate can be genital pain, erectile dysfunction or needing to go to the toilet frequently.

The benefits of prostate massage can be beneficial and sometimes aid to relieve and prevent these conditions; a prostate massage helps to release any toxins that may have built up in the prostate over a long period of time. We know - a prostate massage can sometimes seem daunting, but the Maxhim Prostate Massager is designed so it can be safely used either in or out of water, it’s perfectly angled to give ultimate contact to provide perfect stimulation to your prostate gland.

The vibrating prostate massager is a slim, smooth stem that provides easy insertion to massage the prostate gland, offering stimulation to the anal canal, emphasising the prostate milking experience. The vibrations will aid in relaxing your anus and sphincter muscle, making prostate massage comfortable and easy.

A regular prostate massage reduces the risks of various illnesses such as prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer, genital pain and frequent urination. When the male prostate is healthy, the overall erectile function is improved, the seminal fluid and circulation is increased which will help to maintain a healthier and more enhanced sexual performance.

What if you don't want prostate massage but need the benefits of pain relief?

This massager is perfect for you! So often men might not want to massage their prostate gland - for whatever reason this does not mean that massage and effective pain relief is not possible. Try massaging along the perineum - that's the area between the base of the penis and the anus. This area can become very painful in men with prostate or pelvic floor problems. Some men have prostatitis and prostate pain and the muscles in the pelvic floor literally 'lock up'. When they lock up the muscles of the pelvic floor become tight, and the tightness in the muscles stops the normal blood circulation which brings oxygen to the muscles. By gently adding massage and vibration this helps to release the muscles that have become tight. This pelvic floor tightness may result in constipation, pain, painful erection and ejaculation so it is vital that the pelvic floor learns to relax and the combination of vibration and massage to the perineal area is sometimes all that is needed, to get combat the problem..

With the Maxhim prostate and perineal massager, you can learn to relax a painfully tense pelvic floor easily without using painkillers and medication.

Does Not IncludePhthalates, Latex
Power2 x AAA batteries (Not Included)
Size20.3cm x 2cm x 2cm (8 Inches x 0.8 Inches x 0.8 Inches)