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VaxAid V7 Vacuum Pump System Deluxe

  • NHS claims vacuum therapy works for 9/10 men with ED
  • Non-invasive & drug free non-surgical option for stronger erections
  • Water penis pump is a safe & effective way to full erectile health
  • Hydro-vacuum therapy to exercise the penile blood system
  • VaxAid V7 is a medical device also available on the NHS
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Don't let erectile dysfunction put a halt on your love life

although it may seem an embarrassing condition; erectile dysfunction is more common than you might think. It is said that 50% of men aged between the ages of 40 and 70, and 7 out of 10 men aged 70 and over will experience erectile dysfunction. The fullness of an erection and the ability to maintain it is all dependent on blood flow; when a man becomes sexually aroused, the arteries in the penis expand, directing more blood to the penis. The key to establishing and maintaining an erection is the balance between blood flow in and blood flow out of the penis. Any disruption to this balance (which can happen for any number of reasons) could mean you struggle to achieve or maintain an erection.

NHS statistics show that 9/10 men who suffer from erectile dysfunction have seen great improvement and were able to overcome erectile dysfunction using a vacuum pump and enjoy intimacy with their partner without fear or embarrassment.

VaxAid Diagram

Why the VaxAid v7 Deluxe Penis Pump is right for you

Many sufferers of ED are uncomfortable with the thought of using a vacuum device as it fits tightly around the penis and cheaper versions can cause bulging and even bending of the penis if too much pressure is applied. However VaxAid is different – the VaxAid v7 Deluxe System seals comfortably on the pelvic seat (against the pubic bone) allowing full blood flow along the length of the penis with no dangerous restriction. This advanced system also works to attain the pressure level recommended by the FDA and MHRA and this maximum pressure can never by exceeded. The pump safely and effectively creates an erection by drawing blood into the chambers of the penis. With its high quality penis vacuum cylinder, and super safe bellow pump at the base, working with VaxAid v7 Deluxe to create a firm and ready for action erection is easy and safe. Moreover, it is super comfortable, as the bellow pump ring rests against the pubic bone comfortably, with the VaxAid v30 there is never any risk of bulging or bending the penis, or even uneven erection.

Unlike other vacuum pumps that are bulky and difficult to use, VaxAid v7 Deluxe is comfortable and convenient and is accompanied with a manual guide and DVD guide to help you every step of the way.  What more, is that using a vacuum pump such as the VaxAid has a cumulative effect - the more you use it, the better the results and the more full erection health is restored in the body. We've all heard the term 'Use it or lose it' never more so in the case of men and erections. Good blood flow is vitally important not only to swell the erectile tissue to make an erection, but it also brings nutrients and oxygen to feed the muscles, cells and fibres, and removes toxins away from area too. Let's get that circulation going in the pelvic area with VaxAid v7 - you'll be impressed at the results and ease at which it can become part of your shower or bath routine.

VaxAid is the only vacuum pump that allows you to tackle erectile dysfunction (ED) using both water for penile vascular exercise or air for encouraging and maintaining an erection prior to intimacy. When using VaxAid as a hydrotherapeutic vacuum, the water surrounding the penis aids and exercises the vascular system to increase and improve the blood flow in the penis. The water acts as a lubricant and has a cushioning effect, making the process simple and comfortable. Don't forget too that circulation is improved with a hot bath or hot shower, this helps to improve the blood flow further for even better results. You can apply the device in just seconds, so it’s easy to perform penile vascular exercise in the bath or shower as part of your daily routine.

The vacuum flask itself is made from high impact polycarbonate with an Elastomer skin safe bellows pump (fully patented so you won't this anywhere else) at the base, VaxAid 30 Deluxe is one of the most powerful vacuum devices available whilst being safe and operating within medical regulation for your peace of mind.

VaxAid has been supported by top medical practitioners and is used widely and prescribed in the NHS. Evidence shows that men who use a vacuum pump to achieve an erection could eventually, with regular use, be able to completely overcome erectile dysfunction. Unlike surgery and ED drugs there are no nasty side effects, and many users report preferring a VaxAid v7 Deluxe penis pump to other ED solutions. Using a VaxAid penis pump actually enhances the size of the penis with use, so users can enjoy a much larger stronger erection.

To date we do not have any complaints in that department!

Live life to the fullest with VaxAid v7 Deluxe hydro penis pump.

What you get

The VaxAid Deluxe is supplied with a set of erection rings of six different sizes. The erection ring is placed at the base of the penis when the pump has achieved the erection, this will lock the erection in place firmly and safely for up to 30 minutes at a time. When an erection ring is in place it is unobtrusive (your partner probably won't even be able to feel it) and you can ejaculate normally. It may take you a few attempts to find the ring that is perfect for you, and as you continue with use of your Vaxaid v7 you may find that you will need to increase the size of the ring as your erections become stronger over prolonged use.

With the VaxAid v7 Deluxe you are supplied with VaxAid v7 Hydro pump (x1), Auxiliary Handball Pump and Connection Cable, Insert Comfort Pad , Erection Rings (x6), Towel (x1), Medical Grade Lubricant (x1) and Manual Guide.

ContentsVaxAid V7 Hydropump, Auxiliary Handball Pump & Connection Cable, 2 Insert Comfort Pads, 6 Erection Rings, Towel, Medical Grade Lubricant and Manual Guide