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Best Selling
  • Vagikool
Like many excellent inventions, Vagikool was born out of the sheer frustration at not having a solution to a common problem. Steven Peisner developed Vagikool to help his long-suffering wife who was prone to severe yeast infections, particularly when having to take anti-biotics. The unbearable burning and itching it caused her made Steven feel helpless, wanting to help his wife but finding no solutions in the house or at any of the many local pharmacies to them! ‘There is literally an icepack for every part of the body, except the vulva!’ he thought to himself, and of course he’s right; how silly! Because it’s not just yeast infections that can wreak havoc down there; there’s an array of conditions and surgeries that can cause a woman vaginal pain, swelling, and itching. So, Vagikool was created, and Steven’s wife quite possibly feels forever indebted to her thoughtful husband… and so do we! Well done Steven and thank you for Vagikool!
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