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Magnetic Therapy Devices

Magnetic therapy involves the use of magnetic fields to increase blood flow. The increased blood flow brings more nutrients into the targeted area to reduce pain, promote and speed up healing and reduce inflammation. Perfect, medication free solution for nagging joint and muscle pain.

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  1. Sabona Copper Knee Support
    As low as £11.99
  2. Sabona Copper Hand Support
    As low as £13.99
  3. Sabona Mens Medical I.D Bracelet
    As low as £19.99
  4. Welltiss Wearable PEMF Therapy Device
  5. Medicur Pro Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Device
  6. KaWe Med Iontophoresis Machine Plus Electrodes for Underarm treatment
  7. Davita SUDORmed 1200 Iontophoresis System
    Out of stock

7 Items

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