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Re-Lax Toilet Stool

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  1. Re-Lax Toilet Stool gives constipation relief and easier toileting instantly
  2. Positions your body so you are squatting when you sit on the toilet and prevents straining
  3. Helps complete fuller bowel elimination with ease without pressure on pelvic floor and discomfort
  4. Minimises straining which is damaging to the pelvic floor
  5. Relieves constipation & helps to prevent haemorrhoids (piles) and makes you feel so much better!

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This toilet stool is the simple solution for healthier, more comfortable bowel movements!

The Re-Lax Toilet Footrest positions your body so that you are fully squatting when you use the toilet. Sitting on the toilet obstructs the natural passage of waste, which causes straining and constipation.

Squatting is the natural position our bodies need to be in to defecate properly as it ensures that our muscles fully relaxed. When squatting our knees are raised higher than our hips so that our bowels open much easier and our abdominal walls are supported. Not only does this minimise straining and allow you to completely empty your bowels, it also helps to prevent haemorrhoids and is kinder to your pelvic floor.


Squatting rather than sitting allows you to defecate properly

If you suffer with haemorrhoids or piles, you need to know that diet is not the only cause - and that's official!

Recent research into the causes of haemorrhoids has found that it is not diet that is to blame, as was once believed, but a result of sitting in the wrong position on the loo.

Excessive straining puts pressure on the blood vessels which over time causes haemorrhoids. By adopting the correct squatting position you will relieve the pressure on the haemorrhoids, ease the pain and prevent the problem from developing further.

Constipation is another condition that affects many people but is often ignored or treated with laxatives, which do more harm than good when used regularly. Instead, constipation sufferers should concentrate on squatting on the loo, and will find that they can go more often and completely empty their bowels. The Re-Lax Toilet Stool is the perfect aid for this as it puts the knees in the correct squatting position.

The stool may also be useful for people who have has abdominal surgery or injury who find it difficult or painful to strain and for pregnant women who find sitting uncomfortable, but ultimately it is a brilliant tool for anyone who wants to ensure their bowel movements are as healthy and natural as possible.

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SKU / Product Code 91768
Brand North American Healthcare
Recommended For Constipation relief for easier bowel movements without laxatives, instant results, fuller bowel elimination every time.
Depth 36cm (14 inches)
Height 20cm (8 inches)
Width 46cm (18 inches)
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Delighted with this, I didn't think that anything could really help. Review by Mrs Browns Girl
Product Rating
Delighted with this, I didn't think that anything could really help. Having been prescribed pain killers the side effects are terrible constipation. This has helped no end - especially as I need not to strain following a recent hysterectomy. Amazed at the difference and the ease with which I can now 'go'

Would recommend to all who want a good clear out! (Posted on 20 August 2013)
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(6 of 6 people found this review helpful)
Probably not for real squatters, ok for propping up feet maybe? Review by Doe & Ray
Product Rating
I toyed between this and a squatty potty and thought this looked smaller and neater however I ended up sending this back. It feels more like a foot rest than a stool. Because I actually want to squat with my body weigh on the stool, rather than just raising my feet the squatty is much better.
Customer Services were very good and they changed it for me (I hadn't used it, I knew when it arrived I had made the wrong choice.
Excellent customer care, but if you want to squat properly realistically I think this is not the ideal option as you could slip off it! (Posted on 11 September 2015)
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(4 of 4 people found this review helpful)

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Product Questions

Could you please tell me the difference between the Re-Lax Toilet Stool and the Squatty-Potty Ecco? They both seem to encourage a squatting position, but are there subtle differences which make each product more appropriate for specific situations?
What height is the re lax toilet stool and does it store tight against toilet, rather
than in front of it?

Thanks jane