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Pelviline Vaginal Probe

  1. Pelviline Vaginal Probe wider than many standard vaginal probes
  2. Completely solid and suitable for prolapse and use with your electronic pelvic floor toner
  3. Suitable for women who suffer from prolapse
  4. Indicator shows you if you're doing your Kegels correctly
  5. More Info...

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Pelviline is a light, wide and solid vaginal probe suitable for women with prolapse - to be used with electronic pelvic floor toners such as Kegel8 and Neurotrac.

Connecting Lead Wires

Wide, flat probes are popular because their shape and light weight mean they are more likely to remain securely inside the body whilst standing and walking around. Being mobile whilst using your electronic exerciser adds to the effectiveness of the treatment as it encourages the pelvic floor to work harder and become stronger, and it's for this reason that the Periform is one of our most popular probes. However, since the Periform has a hollow middle it is not suitable for women with prolapse as it can damage the prolapsed organ; the Pelviline is the perfect alternative.

This Pelviline probe is a brilliant alternative as it's almost identical in size and shape but is completely solid. It's still lightweight and easy to wear whilst standing and walking, but it's smooth flat shape allows women with prolapse to use it safely. There are two stainless steel electrodes, one on each side, and a clever indicator wand which tells you when you are squeezing and lifting your pelvic floor muscles correctly. Having a visual indicator like this is very useful because if you are not contracting your muscles correctly you can do more harm than good. What's more, the Pelviline probe also has an adjustable hilt, meaning that you can insert the probe to the right depth that is comfortable for you, with no danger of inserting the probe too far.

This vaginal probe is suitable for use with EMG biofeedback and electronic stimulation machines for pelvic floor exercise. The probe has pigtail connectors that allow it to connect to EMG machines via a lead wire.

Because we trust the quality of our probes so much we extend the warranty from the standard 60 uses up to 6 months unlimited usage.

Please be aware if you are nickel intolerant we advise the electrode surface be examined before use to ensure the surface has not been scratched during storage. The probe can safely be used for up to 2 years providing all manufacturers recommendations are followed.

This probe is fitted with 2mm male pigtail connectors and are compatible with most TENS/STIM/EMG machines via your leadwire.

*To help extend the life of your probe and the lead wires we advise that when unplugging them you pull from the head of the connector and not from the wire (shown above) as this can damage the inside of the wire. The best way to avoid damaging them is to only remove the wires when you are changing probes as there is no reason to any other time.*

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SKU / Product Code 92244
Brand Everyway Medical
Can be used with Kegel8, EMS & EMG machines
Included Contents 1 x probe, 1 x removable indicator
Material Stainless Steel, ABS plastic
Length 10 cm
Insertable Length 3.3 cm
Diameter 3.3 cm
No. of Electrodes 2
Warranty 6 Months
User Manual View and/or Download the Pelviline Vaginal Probe User Manual
Overall Diameter 33mm
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Thank you - excellent customer service. Review by Donna J
Product Rating
I was sent this as a replacement for the periform probe because I have a prolapse and it is contraindicated for use.
This is a super probe and ideal for my needs.
Thank you - excellent customer service. (Posted on 2 September 2014)
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(3 of 3 people found this review helpful)
Better probe. Review by Tina
Product Rating
I sent for this after reading it was a better alternative for the treatment of prolapse as I was having difficulty with the heavier probe and wasn't seeing the success I hoped. Didn't realise this prolapse probe was available.
It is so much better in every way and I feel doing a better job too.
I think it will take a while longer for the prolapse to return to normal but there has been some improvement already so will persevere now as this is far more comfortable to use.

I've had success in the past with the Kegel for bladder problems. It's a must have for me! (Posted on 28 February 2015)
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Excellent product Review by joolz
Product Rating
I have been using the Kegel 8 since December now with positive results but I sent for the Pelviline as I still felt the result was a bit one sided. I have now used this probe 3 times and I'm really impressed. I have the mAs set at 30 now and can feel a stronger and more comfortable stimulation than with the supplied probe set at 45. (Posted on 6 March 2015)
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Pelviline vaginal probe Review by JanZ
Product Rating
I first brought my kegal 8 ultra few years ago after having my ninth child after my twins all natural birth,I felt I needed to be tighter again ,the part that came with my kegal 8 ultra kept on falling out so I brought Neen Periform Plus Intra-Vaginal Probe which I was amaze with the results but sadly the wires broke just as I became pregnant with my 14 pregnancys ,now brought Pelviline vaginal probe as a treat for after birth which is very comfortable felt a different after a week of usages I would use early morning when feeding baby & before bed ,I would like to try pads as after this birth had an injury to leg muscle & lower back pain during labour -any good reviews ??
Kind regards
Janita (Posted on 1 January 2017)
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Not stayed in place Review by Br
Product Rating
When we put the gel the probe doesn't stay in place (Posted on 4 August 2017)
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It works Review by Apple
Product Rating
I purchased this probe as part of the Tight and Tone package. Unfortunately my first one was faulty but the team at Stress No More were very helpful and replaced the item very quickly.

The probe is very easy to use. At first I had to use the gel but not any more. Easy to clean and store.

I would recommend this product. (Posted on 15 October 2017)
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Product Questions

Hi when I rang up a while ago I was told it was ok to uses the periform probe with the kegel ultra Which I have read that it is not sutable,
I find this not nice to use and it hurts, I have read that the pelviline is better for a bladder prolapse , so I feel I was misled , so would it be possible for you to send me the pelviline free of charge please.Also are there any manual devises sutable? thank you Ann.
Help! I have used the kegel8 20 model for about 8 weeks, I haven't really noticed any improvement yet. I am not sure if I am using it correctly, or whether I am using the right probe. I would like to be able to move around while using the exerciser but if I stand up it slips out and even if I sit it is uncomfortable, I have to lie down, so it takes a lot of time out of my day. Would the pelvic ins probe be better?
I have purchased a Pelviline probe to use with my new Kegek8 Ultra 20. I have mild prolapse. Unfortunately, the instructions for the probe are very unhelpful and I have the following questions:
1. Which way do I insert it! ie. Should the metal electrodes touch the side walls of the front and back?
2. The pins on the lead wire are not colour coded so how do I know which is which in order to connect them to the adaptor (which is colour coded). I assume it does not matter??
3. What is the antenna-like bit for? I assume it the 'indicator' but I have no clue how to use it!
Many thanks.
Which way do I insert this please? Which way does the metal parts face.
Can this probe be used with the pelvitone pelvic toner?