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Magnetic Posture Corrector


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  1. Re-aligns neck, shoulders and back to ease pain and discomfort
  2. Helps relax aching, tired muscles
  3. 12 Integrated magnets (400 Gauss Magnets) can help to relieve pain
  4. Adjustable straps for optimum fit and comfort
  5. Stretchy neoprene fabric with breathable cotton lining

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Is your posture contributing to pain throughout your entire body? Correct it with this support and the power of magnets!

The way we sit, stand and walk has a knock-on effect on the joints, muscles and ligaments throughout our entire body. Everything is linked together; the position of the shoulders affects the alignment of the spine, which impacts our hips and pelvis. If you tend to slouch rather than sit up properly, you may find you experience back, neck and hip pain because certain muscles are unnecessarily strained.

Correcting your posture is the first step to relieving any chronic aches and pains as it will realign your body and make sure that each bone and muscle works perfectly without being pulled or strained. The Magnetic Posture Corrector can help you do this.

Made from stretchy neoprene fabric with a comfortable cotton lining, this support wraps around your middle and up over your shoulders. It straightens your back and pulls your shoulders up to ensure your whole body is aligned correctly. This helps to relax tired muscles and retrain your body to stand and sit up properly.

Incorporated into the Posture Corrector are 12 magnets - 400 Gauss Magnets to be precise. It is said that magnets help to increase blood flow to tissues and therefore relieve pain and boost the healing process. It is estimated that 140 million people world-wide currently use magnetic therapy and published studies demonstrate a success rate of between 75% - 95%. This posture corrector is ideal for people who want to combine correcting their posture with effective pain relief.

Size Guide for the Magnetic Posture Corrector

The Magnetic Posture Corrector has adjustable straps for a perfect, comfortable fit. It is suitable for both men and women, and is thin and discreet enough to be worn daily underneath clothing. To select your size measure your waist and use the following guidelines:

Regular: 28”– 38” (71cm – 96cm)

Large: 38” – 48” (96cm – 122cm)

XLarge: 48”– 60” (122cm – 152cm)

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SKU / Product Code 92978
Brand North American Healthcare
Included Contents Posture support with 12 magnetic energy points
Power 12 x 400 Gauss Magnets help give magnetic therapy with this posture support
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I'm getting her another one so she can have one on and one in the wash. Review by Sara
Product Rating
Bought one for my mum who has suffered with cervical spondylotic myelopathy for 10 years. Whilst the condition affects her neck her posture has been directly affected by the pain she suffers. She said that it is comfortable to wear and she is still wearing it 6 weeks later so it must be doing her some good! We have tried many solutions and products just to ease the pain and discomfort and this has made her think about her posture and helps her to correct it.
Sizing is OK, obviously it would be better to have something like this absolutely custom made so the fit is perfect, but as an 'off the shelf' option it is OK for her.
I'm getting her another one so she can have one on and one in the wash. (Posted on 1 September 2014)
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(29 of 33 people found this review helpful)
Regrettably a refund Review by Yorkiy 1933
Product Rating
I am so so sorry to return this item ,only because it just does not do what I hoped it would do, and that was to help my degenerating bones of my entire spine mainly the 5/7 joints which gives me pain when looking down which for most is all the time...I am 83 yrs.young and still hope to find some aid somewhere.Your products are beautifully made and I will tell all who are in need of your services.,my regards Frank H. (Posted on 10 June 2015)
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(16 of 16 people found this review helpful)
very good Review by lin123
Product Rating
I brought this for my son who has been suffering from back pain and has bad posture causing a bit of a hump in his back. He has only been wearing it for a week but already you can see a visable different in his posture, he is standing more up right and the back pain is easing. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with the same problem. (Posted on 30 September 2015)
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(10 of 11 people found this review helpful)
Improvement with reservations Review by Roz
Product Rating
i suffer with arthritis and this posture support helps me to get a better alignment and I do feel that the pain and discomfort has been reduced by wearing it. I do wish it didn't smell so chemically though, but the benefits outweigh this. (Posted on 17 February 2015)
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(7 of 9 people found this review helpful)
Absolutely brilliant. Review by Gillian
Product Rating
Absolutely brilliant. (Posted on 11 June 2015)
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(7 of 7 people found this review helpful)
Very good Review by Frank
Product Rating
Got this for my wife, who has lower back pain. She says she likes it, and it helps provide her with better posture and support. (Posted on 4 February 2015)
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(4 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Good Review by PiercingYule
Product Rating
Fits very comfortably and I have noticed an improvement in my posture and have had less lower back ache than usual, I am not sure if that is due to the correction of posture or magnets but I am happy none the less. It fits comfortably so I am happy with my purchase. As it goes next to my skin I have purchased another one. (Posted on 23 December 2015)
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(3 of 3 people found this review helpful)
Straps uncomfortable Review by Nazo
Product Rating
I'm sorry but i didn't find it very comfortable to wear. The straps were digging into my shoulders and my armpits felt very sore. Even when i tried wearing it over a t shirt. Wore it for a week or two then finally got rid of it because just felt very uncomfortable with it. (Posted on 1 December 2016)
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(3 of 6 people found this review helpful)
Better than I thought it would be which makes a nice change. Review by ViridianDay
Product Rating
Comfortable to wear and has definitely helped to cure my backache, not completely, but I do notice a difference with the magnetic therapy for my back pain. I chose this one because the front fits well as I have big boobs and the straps don't get in the way at all.
All in all I would recommend this support, (Posted on 19 May 2017)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Pain relief from the magnetic posture support Review by Mrs Cat Lover
Product Rating
Tend to think that magnets and stuff like that is a bit 'out there', however I do feel better wearing this, whether its the posture improvement for my back pain, or the magnetic therapy for back pain Im really not sure. It does give relief.
Compared t other posture corrector this is comfortable and easy to wear, I do wear it over an undergarment to save over washing. (Posted on 25 April 2017)
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Product Questions

Does this fit very tight under the arms, as one that I did buy was too uncomfortable to wear, not one of yours I might add! Thank you. RM.
hi I have had an operation on my discs and now 5 years later I'm in pain. Would this help with pain relief?
Many thanx
Hi, Can you wear the posture corrector next to your skin as opposed to on top of your clothes and is it as effective ? I would not like it go show, thank you
Does this product reach well down the back? I am tall and need support around the middle back and waist area. Thanks
I suffered a stroke about 10 years ago and have a problem with shoulder alignment which I believe could well be the cause of back and pelvic pains when I stoop or bend. Do you think that your Magnetic posture corrector would be of benefit to me? Being virtually inactive I am ashamed to say chest size is 51 inches as is my waist. Will your devise fit me?
Is this suitable for someone with scoliosis? It's only a slight curve at the top of my spine?
I have shoulder, back, and waist pain due to Rhumathoid Arthritis and it has affected my posture. Will this product help with inflammation reduce pain and strengthen my posture. Also can it be worn under a clothing
Hi, Will the regular size fit a 25inch waist?
Hi, I have chronic lower back, I have had mri's,physio and am in constant pain relief. Would this be suitable. Also I am morbidly obese, could you please indicate the rough sizes (UK) please.
Many thanks
still awaiting reply from previous email
Do you have in stock size L Magnetic posture corrector?
Hello, I want to buy a posture corrector for my son, who is 12. Would this product be suitable for kids and what size for 12y old, thanks
is this product good for sufferers of scoliosis



Hi there
I would like to buy this for my mum. She is 5ft1 and about a size 12. It says extra large? Will this be way to big for her?
would the magnets be ok if you have a heart condition
Is this product suitable for pregnant women?
Is this product suitable for a kyphotic, lordotic spine and protracted shoulder girdle
Hi there
Any word on when you getting regular size into stock?

Waiting patiently

im just wondering if this would be helpful in a working environment? My lower back and shoulders get sore while working, just wondering if having a better posture will help?
My daughter had an op for scoliosis, can she still wear this?
My chest measurement is 42 inches. Which size shoild I order?
I get severe lower back pain whilst walking, the only thing that provides mild relief so far is wearing a backpack filled with weights as it puts pressure on my lower back, would this product be more effective in your professional opinion?
I have constant neck and shoulder pain from a car accident a year ago along with constant lightheadedness/dizziness
Will this help me?
Dear customer service team,
I am a petite size 8. Please can you recommend the size for me. Also I suffer from significant upper back, neck and shoulder pain due to being hunched over a computer most my working life. Would this be good for me?
I would also appreciate if you could recommend anything else which would help improve my posture and reduce pain. Thank you
I have two bulging discs in my neck and have been offered surgery but would like if possible to delay this as long as I can. My posture is poor due to guarding and the way I naturally sit etc. would your magnetic support help with my problem as my physio said I must improve my posture?

D.Franklin (mrs)
I have Fibromyalgia and Arthritis in my spine but my neck & shoulder muscles are giving me a lot of pain at night so consequently I am not getting a lot of sleep. When I pull my neck and shoulder muscles back it seems to relieve my pain. Do you think this would help me keep me aligned?
I have read the description and reviews so I am hoping it will.
I am also hoping that I may be able to reduce the amount of painkillers if this works.
Thank you
My posture is poor and this results in tight/painful shoulder muscles, I also had a fall which jarred my left shoulder, would this product be suitable? I'm only 23 and hope I can get things back in order!
Hi, For but one penny I would have to pay over £3 postage. Is there any way around this?
(back brace £19.99)
Many thanks.
Is this product fully washable
Before I buy this I want to know if it will physically stop me from hunching?
My 14 yr old son suffers from wry neck. He has poor posture, would this be suitable for him?
Hello, I suffer from upper back pain when I lift anything, I work as a builder so it is quite crippling as such, do you think this will support me while I lift things and pull my back so it can't really bend? Many thanks ben