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NeuroTrac TENS Machine
NeuroTrac TENS Machine
NeuroTrac TENS Machine
NeuroTrac TENS Machine
NeuroTrac TENS 5
NeuroTrac TENS Machine
NeuroTrac TENS Machine
NeuroTrac TENS Machine
NeuroTrac TENS Machine
NeuroTrac TENS 5
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NeuroTrac TENS Machine

  • TENS machine with 2 channels, 12 Preset Programmes and 2 Custom Programmes
  • Drug-free pain relief for Arthritis, Post Operative Pain, Lumbago, Sports Injury, diabetes and many more.
  • Made in UK it is easy to use & very effective with no side effects
  • TENS offers pain relief at source without affecting your whole body
  • This TENS machine can be purchased free from VAT if you qualify
  • Please note: This item can only be shipped within the UK
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We are proud to feature this state-of-the art NeuroTrac TENS Machine, manufactured here in the UK - and if you qualify it's VAT free too!.

The NeuroTrac TENS machine is an advanced digital dual channel TENS unit suitable for all types of pain relief. The NeuroTrac TENS has 12 pre-set programmes and 2 customisable programmes. It features 3 different treatment modes - Conventional TENS therapy or Normal Mode, Burst Mode and Modulation Mode. All these features help to provide you with complete flexibility in your pain relief treatment.

The NeuroTrac TENS 12 clinically based pre-set programmes are designed to help with all types of pain relief. Conventional TENS or Normal Mode enables the user to select any rate between 2 Hz - 200 Hz and a pulse width between 50 µS - 300 µS. This is the most frequently used of the three modes. The most common selection is 80 Hz with a 200 µS pulse width.

  • Burst Mode is comparable to the low rate TENS technique except that each low rate pulse is substituted for by a short BURST of 9 pulses (200 µS) at 150 Hz. It is a combination of conventional and low rate TENS. The burst mode is often referred to as acupuncture like TENS. 
  • Modulation Mode is designed to help prevent nerve accommodation that some patient's experience. It is achieved by continuously cycling the pulse width and rate.

Don't put up with chronic pain - treat it directly with TENS pain relief and feel alive again!

Pain is so debilitating, it affects every aspect of your life and drags even the most confident and optimistic of people down.

For some people chronic pain can have a huge impact on their state of mind and physical ability. They may find they do not wish to rely on pain relief medications, which can have side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, headaches and nausea. Not only this, but pain relief medications tend to block pain signals around the entire body, which isn't necessarily a good thing. When we feel pain it is the body's process of informing us that something is wrong. To feel pain is important, without this feeling abnormal conditions may go undetected, creating damage or injury to critical parts of the body. It is far safer to be able to inhibit pain in just the one area of the body that is most afflicted.

TENS therapy allows you to do this. It works by delivering mild electronic stimulation to the nerve fibres via surface skin electrodes. The TENS stimulation acts as a 'Gate Control' to block pain transmission, stopping pain signals from being sent to the brain. It only works on the nerves in the area that requires treatment, and there are no side effects.

NeuroTrac is one of the leading UK manufacturers of TENS and EMS devices, producing high quality, user-friendly medical devices that are safe and simple to use at home. TheNeuroTrac TENS has an 80% efficacy rate, and is suitable for any type of muscular or joint pain.

What do I get with the Neurotrac TENS Machine?

  • Neurotrac TENS control unit
  • 4 skin electrode pads
  • lead wires to connect the electrode pads to the TENS machine
  • 9v battery
  • Handy storage NeuroTrac bag.

As well as the Operators Manual, containing all the information needed about the unit and programmes, also included is the Electrode Placement Manual, guiding you through which electrode pad shapes and sizes to use, and where to place them to achieve the best results for your condition.

TENS will help with these types of pain and many others: Arthritis, Post Operative Pain, Lumbago, Sports Injury, Phantom Limb Pain, Skeletal Pain Headaches, Foot Pain, Knee Pain Muscle Ache, Chronic Pain, Neuralgia Whiplash Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteo Arthritis, Period Pain, Cancer Pain, Back Pain Leg Pain Joint Pain Long Term Pain, Chest Pain General Pain, Lower Back Pain, Sciatica, Muscular Shoulder Aches, Travel Sickness, Tension, Rheuma Nausea Stomach Pain, Tooth ache, Neck Pain, Abdominal Pain.


Specifications: Dual channel: individually isolated circuits. Amplitude: 0 - 80 mA into 500 Ohm load; indication only. Actual mA will tend to be less than indicated due to electrode impedance: at 1000 Ohms load (Electrodes in poor condition) the maximum will be limited to 70 mA, at 1500 Ohms load the maximum will be limited to 65 mA. Type: Constant Current, maximum output voltage 180 Volts +10 / -30 Volts. Waveform: Asymmetrical, rectangular bi-phasic with zero DC current. Selectable pulse width: 50mS -300mS [2% accuracy]. Pulse Rate selection: in the continuous mode 2 Hz - 200 Hz [2% accuracy]. Mode: Continuous, Burst or Modulated. Burst mode: Bursts of 9 pulses [200 mS] at 150 Hz, repeating twice every second. Modulation mode: 6-second cycle of concurrent width modulation and pulse repetition rate modulation. Width starting at 200 mS and decreasing exponentially to 100 mS in three seconds and then returning back to 200 mS in the next three seconds. Rate starting at 100 Hz, decreasing exponentially to 65 Hz and then returning to 100 Hz. Time duration of the treatment selectable: 1 minute to 12 hours. Low Battery Indicator: If the battery goes below 6.9 volts +/- 0.2 volts the battery symbol will flash on/off once every second. If the battery voltage is below 6.6 (+/- 0.2) volts the unit will not turn on. Open Electrode Detect: If an open circuit is detected at the output of channel A or B the output current will be reset at zero.

The video shows an older version of the NeuroTrac TENS; you will recieve the latest model shown in the product images when you make your purchase, however we show the video as all the unit functionality is the same, it is only the outer casing of the unit that has changed.

Please note: This item can only be shipped within the UK.

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ContentsNeuroTrac TENS unit, Pack of 4 50 x 50mm Skin Electrodes, Lead Wire, 9v Battery, Carry Case, Operators Manual, 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Warranty2 Year Manufacturer Warranty