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GladRags Reusable Cotton Menstrual Pad

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  1. Made from terry towelling and cotton
  2. Just as absorbent as normal disposable pads
  3. Soft, comfortable and breathable
  4. Do not stain or hold odours
  5. Wings and snap fastenings for secure fit

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Join the battle against disposable sanitary wear with GladRags Reusable Mestrual Pads.

Eco-friendly menstrual products are becoming more and more popular, and when you think how much money you can save and how much you can help the environment by avoiding disposables, it’s easy to see why.

GladRags Reusable Menstrual Pads are made from a mix of terry towelling and cotton which makes them incredibly absorbent, and comfortable. Disposable menstrual pads can often cause irritation and discomfort as a result of their rough, plastic material. Scented disposable pads are even worse, as they contain extra chemicals that can be harsh to your skin which is naturally more sensitive in your intimate area.

You can wear Gladrags Menstrual Pads for anywhere between 2 to 6 hours depending on how heavy your flow is, which makes them just as absorbent as any normal disposable pad. Each one if made up of 3 parts; the holder, which has wings and snap-fastening to secure it around your underwear, and 2 inserts. Use just one insert for lighter days and 2 on your heavier days.

GladRags Night Pads are designed to give you extra protection through the night, or on particularly heavy days. Like the Day Pads they consist of a holder and 2 inserts, but the difference is that the holder is a little longer for extra coverage against leaks, and has an extra thick layer of terry-cloth to make it more absorbent. They are also suitable for postnatal bleeding.

When you come to cleaning the pads you remove the inserts from the holder and place everything in cool water to soak for a few hours. You can then put them in the washing machine with dark clothing on a cool to warm wash; don’t use hot water as this can cause them to stain. Since GladRags are made from breathable material they will not hold on to any odours eithers.

Comfortable, reliable and eco-friendly… once you’ve tried GladRags you won’t be without them!

Which GladRags Pad?

DAY – 1 GladRags Day Pad; 1 holder and 2 inserts.

DAY PLUS – 3 GladRags Day Pads; 3 holders and 6 inserts in total

NIGHT – 1 Night Pad; 1 large holder and 2 inserts

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SKU / Product Code 92892
Brand GladRags

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Product Questions

I notice you stock the day and night gladrags pad. Do you also stock the day plus pads?

We are working with Gordano Scool in Portishead, Somerset to raise items that will assist girls at Sachiwe School in a remote village in Africa. Gordano students and staff have been really supportive through donating a range of items and have attracted the support of the local press. We are inviting you the opportunity to contribute to this cause through donating washable pads. Sanitary wear is a hot issue and we find that girls at Sachiwe even get to the extent of missing out on school during their periods as a result of not having pads. It will hopefully raise awareness of the products to the local community who are to a large extent actively seek green alternatives.

I look forward to hearing from you.