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Gelco GSeat Ultra Pressure Cushion

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  1. Prostatitis cushion to support & take pressure off painful areas
  2. !deal relief for chronic prostatitis; prevent muscle tightness
  3. Designed to relieve pressure on tender soft tissue area 
  4. Gel distributes weight evenly and doesn't lose its shape
  5. Sloped design improves posture & prevents leg numbness

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Find relief from prostatitis symptoms and lower back pain pain with the GSeat Ultra.

Prostatitis is a severely painful condition in which the prostate becomes swollen or infected. It can cause pain not only in the area of the prostate itself but also in the scrotum and tip of the penis. It can also cause difficulty when urinating or ejaculating.

Sufferers of chronic prostatitis, where symptoms come and go with varying levels of pain, are often forced to simply put up with the problem. This is because it's not usually clear what's caused the swelling and how to treat it. Although pain killers can help, chronic prostatitis sufferers often find it difficult to sit for even short periods of time.

The Gelco Products GSeat Ultra is specially designed with a groove running down the centre of the cushion to prevent pressure on the soft tissue area where prostatitis sufferers experience the most pain. The gel material spreads weight more evenly than foam cushions, ensuring that the user is seated as comfortably as possible. It avoids any pressure points that could cause numbness or stiffness in the buttocks or legs.

In order to ensure good posture the cushion has a wedge design, sloping forwards so that the sitting position of the user is always correct. This means there is never any pressure on the tender prostate area. The combination of memory foam and visco-elastic gel ensures the cushion provides excellent support whilst spreading weight evenly to prevent pressure points. The clever gel-foam mix also ensures the cushion does not lose its shape with lots of use.

Although this cushion is a blessing to men with prostate pain, it’s also suitable for people with severe haemorrhoids or anyone who experiences pain in the coccyx or chronic lower back pain. It’s brilliant for long car journeys and long-haul plane flights as it works to encourage good blood circulation and helps prevent numbness or deep vein thrombosis in the legs.

The cushion has a strong rubber backing to prevent it from sliding around on a chair, and has a built in handle so it can be folded in half and easily transported.


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SKU / Product Code 92141
Brand Gelco Products
Size 16 x 18 inches (40.6 x 45.7cm)
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Excellent product with huge value for prostatitis sufferers. Review by scio
Product Rating
This is as good as the majority of users say it is - that is, excellent. Having tried all manner of home furnishing type cushions, none of which was completely suitable, I was persuaded to invest in one of these. It has the characteristics a prostatitis sufferer needs - firm support either side with a well placed "well" to relieve the perineum area of pressure. It fits easily on most chairs and car seats and is easily carried around. It has a high quality feel and appearance. My wife made me a simple loose cover to conceal the rather austere appearance of the cushion. The price seems high at first but believe me it is well worth it for the relief it brings. Also, I rarely need to take painkillers for prostatitis now.

SNM Says - Thank you for sharing your review Scio, it is a great help to others looking for prostatitis treatment and some form of relief for this awful condition. (Posted on 20 March 2014)
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(9 of 9 people found this review helpful)
Relief from discomfort of Prostate and Fistula Pain Review by vchiv
Product Rating
I found relive from the constant pain and discomfort i was suffering within days of using the Gseat and i do not just suffer from prostate problems, i also suffer from internal fistula, i would definitely highly recommend. (Posted on 8 October 2013)
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(7 of 9 people found this review helpful)
A great find after months of pain Review by "T"
Product Rating
I purchased the G seat Ultra a couple of weeks ago and can only sing its praises.

Suffering from Prostatitis is an awful thing. But one of the worst parts of suffering for me is when sitting down.The pain can become unbearable particularly whilst driving.

The day i received the gel cushion I put in the car and went for a drive. Normally after 5 to 10 minutes the pain would cause me to not enjoy the journey, but with the gel seat fitted after over an hour I was still enjoying the experience of driving again.

I next tried the seat on my computer chair and again I was able to sit comfortably for longer whilst working on my PC.

I can only say if you are suffering from Prostatitis and you need some respite from it whist sitting consider getting one of these seats. I admit they are not cheap but they are worth it to relieve the pain whilst sitting. (Posted on 24 January 2013)
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(6 of 8 people found this review helpful)
Amazing relief Review by GL
Product Rating
After searching high and low I finally found the answer to my pain relief.
Thank you Stressnomore (Posted on 15 February 2013)
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(5 of 7 people found this review helpful)
Excellent product Review by Ady
Product Rating
I purchased a G seat after reading some of these reviews and although not cheap, quality is first class, looks great and best of all I can now sit down! I have suffered with Prostatitis for many many months and what a relief it is to be able to sit comfortably and driving is now not an issue. Brilliant - and the customer service folk at StressNoMore are great. Thanks (Posted on 14 February 2014)
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(3 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Worth every penny. Review by Christoper
Product Rating
Pillow arrived ver promptly. I have recently had a catheter fitted and found sitting very uncomfortable unless I used two cushions. This cushion is very pricey but worth every penny. I take it everywhere. It folds up and looks like a briefcase complete with handle. Highly recommended (Posted on 10 April 2015)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Great seat Review by Steve
Product Rating
Bought this because my German car seats were way too firm and hurting my butt. This has been great and I would recommend it to anyone. (Posted on 23 April 2016)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Worth every penny Review by AF
Product Rating
I bought this cushion for my Father and he has found it so good I have had to buy him a second one. This has proved to be worth every penny! (Posted on 31 July 2016)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Awesome product Review by JT
Product Rating
been using this product for a couple of years now - still awesome and still providing comfort and a preventative measure against further problems... (Posted on 14 September 2016)
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Amazing product Review by Randhir
Product Rating
I'm a taxi driver and spend a lot of time sitting down in my Merc b class, this product has reduced my pain immensely , I would recommend this product with buttock / pelvis pain (Posted on 19 June 2017)
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Product Questions

I am planning a trip to USA and wonder if you know of any problems there might be getting my Gelco Ultra cushion through security at airports in UK or USA. Being made of a gel substance is it likely to be regarded as a possible explosive?
Does the rounded part of the cushion go to the front of the chair ?
Could you please explain the differences between the Gelco Ultra, the Gelco Pressure Relief and the Gelco Lite cushions so that I can decide which one suits me best
Is this seat suitable to prevent pressure sores on bottoms of the very elderly?
If I'm not happy with the gelco seat cushion can I return it and get a full refund
What is the weight of the Gelco GSeat Ultra Pressure Cushion?
Hi there,

Do you provide trial periods for the gelco seat cushions? My dad has prostate cancer and finds it hard to get comfortable. He really needs to try it out to see if it helps him before he parts with that much money.

Many thanks,