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Easy Tampon Cordless Sponge Tampons

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  1. Sponge tampons with no unsightly string

  2. You can still make love whatever the time of month

  3. Conform to your body's shape for optimum comfort and protection

  4. Ideal for sport, swimming, steam rooms and more

  5. Helps protect and balance your natural pH

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Go with the flow and carry on when that time of the month comes around…

For many women, periods can upset the balance in your life, causing plans to be changed and ruining the mood in the bedroom. With the Easy Tampon you can go ahead with your day, be spontaneous and carry on as usual. The cordless sponge tampon adapts to your body’s contours, leaving no unsightly string, so you can make love, go swimming or relax in the sauna with confidence.

Cordless Easy Tampons are easy to insert and remove, with a finger loop to help you grip the tampon to remove it without mess or hassle. They are ergonomically designed to fit your body and since they are made from soft, pliable sponge, they will completely conform to your shape. Not only does this make them far more comfortable than traditional tampons, it also helps to protect you against leaks, meaning no matter where your day takes you, your Easy Tampon will be protecting you all the way.

Hormonal changes during your period can increase your libido, so do not forgo your sex life because of your period, neither you nor your partner will notice a difference in sensation while wearing the Easy Tampon.

What's more, Cordless Easy Tampons contain lactic acid to help restore your vagina's natural pH balance. During our period our intimate pH levels tends to increase as a result of changing hormone levels and the use of sanitary products, and we become more susceptible to thrush and bacterial vaginosis as a result. Easy Tampons help to maintain your optimum, healthy pH level to keep your intimate area free from infection or discomfort.

Easy Tampons are just as absorbant as regular cotton tampons and can be worn for up to 8 hours. Use them instead of your normal tampons or sanitary towels, or just during moments where you need a little extra freedom or protection.

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SKU / Product Code 82437

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Product Questions

Can these be reused or are they just single use? I can't see the care instructions for re-use of this menstrual sponge so I feel that maybe they are not. if not then they are expensive and I'm probably better to try something else.
Your advice please!
Hello.i am from slovenia and we do not have those it possible to have some kind of franshize for those tampones?
Can these be reused or are they just single use ? there are no care instructions for reuse so I feel that maybe they are not. if not then they are expensive and im probably better to try something else. Thanks