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NeenNeen Healthcare offer a range of pelvic floor exercise devices, including the ever popular Pericalm and Peritone. They also offer their Aquaflex vaginal weights to help with Kegel exercise, and the Neen digital TENS machine for affordable pain relief in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Neen vaginal probes and anal probes are also available to enhance the efficency of your pelvic floor exercise devices. StressNoMore offer Neen products for discreet delivery to your door.

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  1. Neen Periform Plus Intra-Vaginal Probe
  2. Neen Anuform Anal Probe
  3. Neen Aquaflex Cones Pelvic Floor Exercise System
  4. Neen Pericalm Pelvic Toner & Probe
  5. Neen Educator Pelvic Floor Exercise Indicator
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5 Items

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