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Beurer AS80 New Generation Activity Monitor

  1. Activity sensor that records physical activity and analyses sleep quality
  2. Monitor your lifestyle with the Beurer HealthManager software on your Smartphone or Tablet
  3. Bluetooth technology and USB compatible
  4. Memory capacity of 30 days activity and 7 nights’ sleep
  5. Easy to read display,  contemporary design and splash resistant

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Stay motivated and be consistent with your lifestyle and diet choices with the help of the Beurer AS80 Activity Sensor and Beurer HealthManager.

Becoming fit and healthy has never been as prominent before as it is now in today’s society. We are constantly reminded that each and every one of us needs to lead a healthy life; after all, the perks of living healthily are endless.

Because you’ve clicked on the marvellous Beurer AS80 Activity Sensor, we can only assume that you are considering improving your lifestyle by altering your fitness and your health. Whether it’s to shift a few pounds or to beat your personal best on a 30 minutes run; you want to be healthier. Keeping a running record of your fitness progress is extremely beneficial to help you reach all of your fitness goals.

The Beurer AS80 Activity Sensor tracks every physical activity you take part in; it records the numbers of steps, your distance, calorie consumption, duration of activity and records the achievement of your day-to-day activity goals, so you can visually see how many miles you walked the day before compared to the current day. Not only does the Beurer AS80 keep track of every step you take with its activity monitor; the intelligent device also tracks any movement you make in your sleep along with how long you were asleep for.

Beurer are the leading brand in health and wellbeing for the century; distributing globally products that Beurer have manufactured and designed with exceptional German technology, excelling people’s health and wellbeing around the world.

Beurer AS80

So you’ve made the first step – what’s next?

Once you’ve purchased the Beurer AS80 you are ready to begin improving your health and performance – but, how do you view your progress?

Well, Beurer have transcended in contributing to your health and wellbeing; they have created a magnificent app that keeps hold of all your records that you can access anytime, anywhere and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Beurer HealthManager app is completely free of charge.

The Beurer HealthManager allows you to view your personal evaluations and data whenever you want to, either at home or on the move through your tablet or smart phone. If you and your partner or family are involved too, don’t worry, Beurer have made it possible to monitor the health of members of your family too.

Whether you are using it with a smart phone or tablet. accessing data from your Beurer AS80 and HealthManager is easy and simple. Once you have downloaded the free app from the App store you will be able to view graphs and tables that mark your progress with measured values. These convenient graphs and tables display an overview of your measurements that make reaching your targets fun at anytime, anywhere!

The Beurer HealthManager app holds onto information such as your measurements, blood pressure and weight so you can keep an eye on your progress and get closer to your goal. When using the App on your smart phone or tablet, you connect to the Beurer AS80 activity sensor via Bluetooth (yes, the activity monitor also has Bluetooth technology!).

Why is it important to keep track of your fitness and health?

Beurer AS80 Lifestyle

When you have set yourself fitness goals, there’s nothing more gratifying than seeing your results; either jumping on the scales and you’ve lost 2lbs (and you’ve even kept that woolly jumper on when you weighed yourself!) or you’ve lost 2 inches round your tummy; whatever it is, you feel good. But every now and then it’s not that simple.

Sometimes when you work extremely hard for your goal, it seems like nothing is changing. What you MUST remember is that whatever you’re enduring; it could be calorie counting, exercising more or just simply eating healthier, you will not see changes overnight. Reaching your target will take baby steps. From time to time, you may lose motivation.

The Beurer AS80 activity tracker and HealthManager can aid in keeping you motivated! Motivation is immensely important in helping you continue your fitness regime to reach your goal. So even when you’re having a down in the dumps day, the AS80 activity monitor will keep you motivated by updating you on your progress and notifying you when you have reached your daily target. Trust us – there’s no greater feeling than seeing the results before your eyes.

The most marvellous attribute of the Beurer AS80 and HealthManager is visually seeing your accountability; using the device and the app will aid in defining and planning your goals, ensuring that you achieve them every day. Using this great combination of devices and apps, you can look back at your training log and see how you have improved and where you need to improve further.

Planning – it’s a must when you have a target. If your goal is to lose ‘x’ amount, you need to plan. The Beurer AS80 Activity Sensor and app tracks your metrics and saves your data so you have a better understanding of how you need to reach your goal.

Going to the gym every so often will not aid in reaching your goal. You have heard it before – consistency is key. It’s easy to lose motivation when you can’t see immediate results in the mirror. However, the Beurer AS80 and HealthManager can assure you that you are improving by delivering the data daily, in order for you to recognise that each time you go for a 30 minute run or an hour cycle, you are one step closer to your overall goal – regardless as to how small and superficial the step may seem to you.

The Beurer AS80 activity sensor and HealthManager is the new phenomenon in achieving all of your fitness and health goals; step, track, sleep and monitor every move you make. Your goal is never impossible to reach.

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SKU / Product Code 10398
Brand Beurer

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Good monitoring so far, now its up to me... Review by Steve
Product Rating
After I received a diagnosis of Hypertension by my GP I knew I had to improve my exercise, weight and ergo my blood pressure. I did some research and the Beurer package seamed deal. I purchased the BM 85 to test my blood pressure, weight BF 800 and the AS 80 activity sensor) Each device sends the data to the HealthManager app and I record all the weekly values from all 3 devices. All three devices coupled up to the smart phone in no time (Bluetooth) and data transfer is seamless. Now it's up to me to get my vital signs in order but I am very pleased with this so far, I'm 3 weeks in and loving it as well as the corresponding weight loss of 5kg. (BTW I use an iphone 5) (Posted on 4 February 2015)
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(5 of 6 people found this review helpful)
7 lbs in 3 weeks - Pros and Cons to this, but I do like it. Review by Rod
Product Rating
I studied various reviews and recommendations for an activity band like this before my purchase. I purchased the Beurer AS 80 and have worn it for 3 weeks now without a break. It is well priced, and actually very stylish because of the narrow band. This is what I like and what I don't like:
PROS: Good Price, Size and style, Easy to use, Feels comfortable to wear, Battery life is good with warnings to recharge, vibration alarm is brilliant, display is really clear (white on black good for day and night reading), transferring the data is easy.
Not fully waterproof, although its been in the shower with me daily...(lest see about that!), not always sure that when I have laid in bed that I have really performed 200+ I think the pedometer could be more precise. HealthManager App, is a bit old fashioned, could be a lot more interactive and needs work and updating, but it is free so this is acceptable, I wonder if a subscription service could offer better usability to those willing to pay more for more functionality?

I use this to monitor my daily activity levels and it has helped. it is amazing how much exercise I can get in and I then use the monitor to challenge myself with more steps, more movement etc.
BTW I've lost 7 lbs since I have been using it so something is going in the right direction! (Posted on 22 January 2015)
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(2 of 3 people found this review helpful)
Great looking product, didn't work with my smartphone :( Review by Carl B
Product Rating
Unfortunately I could not use the device as a connection via the Beurer Health Manager software was not possible and my phone does not support the app .
Obviously any potential buyers must check whether the smart-phone app supported by this is compatible. I can therefore only give the product 3 stars - it looks great and feels good too, but without the ability to sync it up I felt this was a great selling point that I would not be able to take advantage of I hope that Beurer soon makes it USB capable to therefore resolve this problem! (Posted on 26 January 2015)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Great Review by Di
Product Rating
I've tried tis and the FitBit. This is neat and it doesn't fall off, the continual problem I had with my FitBit that resulted in me losing it.
Great for monitoring activity and increasing movement. (Posted on 24 July 2015)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Very easy to use Review by Jessica friday
Product Rating
It's rather addictive but is motivating me to go that bit further every day. Had to ring the help line to work out how to adjust settings. They were really helpful but be sure to ring the UK office. (Posted on 22 September 2015)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)

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