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Airganix Cool Cloud

  • Advanced Ionisation Technology: Eliminates 95% of bacteria and odours, keeping food fresh and spaces clean
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for small enclosed spaces like refrigerators, coolers, toilets, caravans, and more
  • Portable and Wireless: Battery-operated and lightweight for easy use in any small space
  • User-Friendly Operation: Adjustable intervals and intelligent micro CPU ensure optimal performance
  • No Maintenance Required: Effective without the need for filters, ensuring hassle-free operation
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Effortlessly Fresh and Clean Air for Your Small Spaces


Introducing the Airganix Cool Cloud, the ultimate solution for keeping your food fresh and free of bacteria. Ideal for a variety of small, enclosed spaces such as caravans, campers, refrigerators, coolers, toilets, and more, this innovative device ensures a clean and fresh environment.

The Cool Cloud is perfect for:

  • Caravans and campers
  • Refrigerators and coolers
  • Toilets and utility rooms
  • Kitchen cabinets and changing room lockers

Whether you’re a baker, caterer, or just someone who values fresh air and long-lasting food, the Cool Cloud is your go-to solution.


Featuring advanced ionisation technology, the Cool Cloud effectively removes bacteria and odours from your space. With a built-in intelligent micro CPU, the device operates on an easily adjustable interval system, ensuring optimal performance and convenience.  This battery-operated, wireless, and portable device is designed for ease of use. It is battery operated, compact and lightweight, making it perfect for any small space.


The Cool Cloud’s O3 technology ensures that foreign and unpleasant odours disappear, making sprouted fungi harmless and keeping your food fresh for longer. When the device is ionising, a light flashes three times. When not ionising, it flashes every 10 seconds, so you always know it's working.  Ensure the freshness of your food and the cleanliness of your environment with the Airganix Cool Cloud. From refrigerators and utility rooms to bakeries and snack bars, this device is unsurpassed in maintaining a fresh and healthy space.




Voltage: DC 6 Volt

Effective Range: 250 liters of space

Power Supply: 4 x 1.5 Volt AA alkaline batteries

Power Usage: 1 watt

Size: 7.7 x 6.7 x 12 cm

Weight: 135 grams

Filters: None required


Experience the unparalleled freshness and efficiency of the Airganix Cool Cloud – the perfect companion for all your small space needs!