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Yes Baby Fertility Friendly Lubricant

  • Buy 2 for £19.01 each and save 5%
  • Buy 3 for £18.01 each and save 10%
  1. Sperm friendly lubricant and pH rebalancing lubricant for the vagina to prevent BV
  2. 7 single use sperm friendly lubricant applicators
  3. 3 vagina friendly lubricant for use after the most fertile period to restore vaginal pH
  4. 5 Ovulation tests to determine the most fertile period
  5. Certified organic by the Soil Association (UK), no parabens or chemical nasties.

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The two-part fertility friendly lubricant system to help with conception! Nothing else compares to YES Baby! An advanced approach for couples trying to conceive.

Yes lubricant

Charting daily temperature readings, scheduling lovemaking and changes to diet and lifestyle are only the beginning and even after all that tedious work, sadly there are those out there that are still finding it difficult to get pregnant. That's where Yes Baby comes in.

Yes Baby is a fertility friendly lubricant for couples wishing to conceive. First off, the sperm friendly lubricant is used during the most fertile period which will elevate the vaginal pH to match semen. This will ensure better sperm mobility. Then the vagina friendly lubricant is there to use after the most fertile period in order to restore normal vaginal pH.

So, what is a fertility friendly lubricant system?

  • YES Baby enables a couple to use a lubricant that is sperm friendly - if you use an acidic non sperm friendly lubricant it can damage sperm motility (the rate it moves)
  • YES Baby Pack 1 is sperm friendly to use at the  most fertile period to boost conception chances and keep those sperm swimming hard!
  • YES Baby Pack 2 is a vagina friendly lubricant for use after the most fertile period rebalancing the flora of the vagina to prevent infection - a major cause of miscarriage
  • YES Baby includes ovulation tests to help you discover your most fertile time - this pack delivers!

Did you know? Elevated vaginal pH has been found to make thrush and bacterial vaginosis more likely to occur. BV and gardnerella are known to be a risk factor in early miscarriage. Something to think about!

So how Does YES Baby Fertile friendly, sperm friendly lubricant differ from other sperm friendly lubricants then?

  • YES Baby is a 2 pack, conception friendly lubricant. It nurtures sperm and it also takes care of the vagina to rebalance pH levels and prevent Bacterial Vaginosis - no other lubricant does this!
  • Pre-seed Fertility Lubricant, Conceive Plus and Zestica are all labelled as 'sperm' friendly, but they fail to take care of the vagina and rebalance the pH levels after use, leaving the user in danger of unbalanced pH levels which could spark an infection of bacterial Vaginosis, BV Gardnerella or thrush. pH balance is essential to a healthy vagina, and conceptions needs a healthy vagina - YES Baby has you covered!
  • YES Baby is guaranteed pure and natural through Soil Association Organic Certification.
  • Pre-seed Fertility Lubricant, Conceive Plus and Zestica all contain synthetic chemicals, and methylparaben as a preservative. Parabens have been linked to cancer and the issue of this chemical being used in an intimate lubricant is certainly a hot-topic indeed! Do you want to introduce a cancer chemical into your body - especially when you are trying to conceive?
  • YES Baby addresses both the sperm and vaginal flora health - that's what makes this a perfect conception lubricant!
  • Pre-seed Fertility Lubricant, Conceive Plus and Zestica are based purely on supporting the sperm, with no consideration to maintaining the pH level within the vagina - leaving the vagina at a high risk of infection such as BV, thrush, gardnerella. Bacterial vaginosis is known to be a risk factor in early miscarriage so must be prevented at all costs!

Yes lubricant comparison

Rachel Foux - Women’s health and holistic healing, qualified maternity and fertility therapist, psychosexual therapist

“Yes, is an invaluable resource for all pregnant and postnatal couples as it brings natural relief from vaginal dryness brought on by hormonal fluctuations and increases the potential for sexual arousal during this time of transition. Being completely natural, yes is a perfect addition to a healthy pregnancy.  I recommend it to all mums and mums as their choice lubricant for genital massage.  Not only does it feel good, it also brings guilt free pleasure as there are no extra chemicals going into your baby.”

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SKU / Product Code 81561

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Works! Review by Ingrid C
Product Rating
More than a lubricant, this actually restores balance after use as well to prevent thrush (other lubricants do not). Cannot praise this highly enough. (Posted on 21 October 2014)
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Evie Review by Nice to use
Product Rating
This seems to me to be the best at balancing the intimate flora, and I was most impressed when I read more into it. I had no idea that conventional lubricants are harmful to sperm and as my husband already has a low sperm count it seemed unfair not to give the remaining ones chance to success.
Lovely to use I highly recommend this lubricant - hopefully I will be coming back with a success story! ;)
Fingers crossed
Evie (Posted on 18 September 2015)
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