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Universal TENS Machine

  1. Universal TENS gives you more treatment options than any other TENS machine
  2. Supplied with 20 top-quality reusable skin electrodes for different treatment areas
  3. Provides relief for chronic and post-operative pain quickly and effectively
  4. 11 Pre-set clinically proven treatment programmes
  5. A TENS machine of only the best quality and standard made in the UK

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Universal TENS offers you diversity of treatment like no other TENS machine

made in UK

Chronic pain is a devastating condition and can have a negative effect on your quality of life. Drugs and surgery often only do so much and can also come with their own side-effects; this is when a wireless TENS machine can help. Non-invasive and drug-free, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) controls pain by altering the way it is perceived by your body. By sending small electrical currents through your skin, TENS pain relief disrupts the pain signals that go along your body’s small nerve fibres to your brain. There are no side effects and as a targeted treatment option, you can be sure you’re treating only the area that is troubling you.

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universal tens accessories

The Universal TENS TENS Machine has hit a real gap in the market; whilst offering 11 pre-set clinically proven treatment programmes, it is still simplistic in its operation.

Best of all has to be the accessory pack it comes supplied with: 2 lead wires (accommodating its dual channel functionality) and an impressive 20 top-quality skin electrodes of varying shapes and sizes for you to trial and use on various treatments areas.

With some TENS machines the real cost comes with buying copious amounts of replacement electrodes; with Universal TENS you are set to start treatment as soon as you receive the unit and continue long after without having to even think about buying more electrodes.

Skin electrodes can be purchased easily and in some cases even at very low prices but the quality of your electrodes matters probably more than you realise; it’s not only about the quality of the output from your TENS machine, it’s also about the safety of your skin. Cheap electrodes can irritate many skin types and at times can even cause burns and ‘nipping’ during use. With Universal TENS you can be sure the electrodes you are using are of the highest quality for the best results in treatment while leaving no marks on your skin.

Using your Universal TENS Unit

The programmes on your Universal TENS pain relief machine are categorised by their rate, pulse width/duration and intensity.

Rate: If you are using the electrodes over a specific area of pain then it is best to have a higher rate of 80-100Hz. A good starting point is 80-90Hz with a pulse width of 200. You should feel steady, continuous stimulation. If you are using electrodes on trigger, motor or acupuncture points, a low rate of stimulation is usually effective; 2-10Hz with a pulse width of 200, enough to feel individual pulses.

Pulse Width/Duration: Wider pulse durations will stimulate motor fibres, with narrower ones for sensory fibres; select your pulse duration depending on which fibres you’re looking to treat. Wider pulse duration will deliver stronger stimulation; used with the intensity (mA) settings you can customise your treatment. Stimulating larger nerve fibres is thought to reduce the amount of information transmitted along smaller ones, reducing pain.

Intensity: A good way to set your intensity level is to start low and gradually increase the level of mA until you feel a slight muscle contraction (not strong enough to move a joint) then make it very slightly higher. With lower intensities, you will see and feel individual muscle twitches, whereas with higher ones your muscle tension increases; strong contractions are not necessary to feel the benefit of the treatment.

Treatment Modes

Your Universal dual channel TENS machine features three different treatment modes:

Conventional TENS/normal (P1-P6 & PC1-2): In this mode, you can select any rate from 2-200 Hz and a pulse width from 50-300 µS.

Burst mode (P9 & P10): A combination of conventional and low rate TENS, often referred to as acupuncture-like. It features a short burst of 9 pulses (200µS) at 150 Hz instead of individual low rate pulses.

Modulation TENS (P7, P8, P11 & PC3): Designed to prevent your nerves from getting used to stimulation and responding to it less. It continuously cycles through different pulse widths and rates.

Depending on your needs, pain relief should begin after 20-30 minutes of treatment, with a typical session lasting 90 minutes or more.

Universal TENS programmes 1

Universal TENS programmes 2

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SKU / Product Code 11166
Programmes Continuous, Burst or Modulated
Brand Universal TENS
Recommended For Relieving chronic and post-operative pain
Can be used with Electrode pads
Included Contents 1 x Universal TENS unit, battery, 2 x wires, 5 packs of 4 reuseable skin electrodes of varying sizes (total 20 electrodes)
No. of Electrodes 2x 4-pack of 40x90mm electrodes, 2x 4-pack of 40x40mm electrodes, 1x 4-pack of 30mm electrodes
Power 1x PP3 alkaline 9V battery (included). Average battery life of 34 hours.
User Manual View and/or Download the Universal TENS Instructions For Use
Adjustable Yes; pulse width from 50-300, pulse rate 2-200 Hz, intensity from 0-80 mA, time of session from 1 min to 12 hours
CE Approved Yes
Colour Grey
Size 11.9 x 7 x 2.8 cm (4.7 x 2.8 x 1 inches)
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Total : 7 Reviews
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I do recommend this. Review by CitronellaP
Product Rating
Was recommended to buy a TENS following pelvic surgery. I had lots of pain that affected my sitting, standing and the pain was quite debilitating. I was fed up with taking pain killers as this exacerbated my condition with constipation which is what I was trying to avoid following my hysterectomy. It just seemed a vicious circle.
I use this TENS machine at the base of my spine and it has been a life saver, I would also add I also had help from a NHS Physio who helped me find the right areas to treat, which would not have been the areas I would have naturally chosen (something about deferred pain etc)..
Great range of TENS pads with this, good machine and useful storage box. I do recommend this. (Posted on 9 August 2016)
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(6 of 6 people found this review helpful)
Happy, happy, happy Review by Jen
Product Rating
I've always wanted to try a TENS machine and ditch my meds but until now I have been too scared of their complexity! Some come with just the unit and you have to figure out what accessories you might need, others seem to have millions of buttons... I'm no physiotherapist! This is really easy to use and the selection of electrodes you get to try out with it is great - this saves you a fortune! Nice packaging - big thumbs up! (Posted on 5 April 2016)
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(4 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Completely different to other tens machine. Review by DLR
Product Rating
I have previously tried a tens machine from my pharmacy, but it was cheap and not-at-all cheerful - spikey in fact - it felt like needles on my skin. I have since found out that because I suffer with eczema and dermatitis that my skin can erupt with the gel used on cheap electrode pads let alone sharp stimulation from the machine itself.
This is completely different, the pads are really good quality and I have had a lot of uses out of them and the stimulation is deep but not prickly like the other one. I can only conclude that one gets what one pays for, and by cheap you buy twice.
Very effective on my arthritis pain, good selection of skin pads and helpful staff.
I am happy with this purchase. (Posted on 1 June 2016)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Easy Review by Karl88High
Product Rating
Not tried tens before and was a little sceptical, but following a knee injury I was desperate to get some relief from the pain, without taking medication. A guy at my cycling club recommended this and it has been brilliant. I even use it at the office during the day and the difference is amazing. I can manage to sit at work OK, without being uncomfortable, I shall continue to use until I can get my knee operation date through which hopefully wont be much longer now.
Easy to use, acceptable treatment form to use in office and as I pass out with needles almost the only option for me. (Posted on 20 April 2016)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Good British made TENS machine - thorough and effective Review by Charles K
Product Rating
Well made and a lot more comfortable to use than the previous one I owned which I purchased at Lloyds. The sticky skin electrodes are good quality and there is a good range of sizes supplied. All in all an excellent machine that helps me with my lower back pain following lumbar puncture.
Thank you (Posted on 25 April 2017)
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Comfortable and effective TENS machine for pain relief. Review by Major General H
Product Rating
Comfortable and effective TENS machine for pain relief.
Easy to use..
I would recommend (Posted on 6 December 2017)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
Good pain relief, no shocks like the one I got from Boots Review by TheGreatRandolph
Product Rating
Excellent pain relief for my shoulder, which I put out whilst helping someone who was falling over. (She was Ok as it turned out! Typical eh). Good range of electrodes skin pads and I liked the larger ones as I got a better treatment area. Lasted a long time too which was a benefit.
Yes, I would recommend this tens machine and choice of skin electrodes. Good set, good pain relief, not prickly and uncomfortable like the cheaper version I initially bought from Boots which I sent back for a refund. (Posted on 28 December 2017)
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Is this new Tens system suitable for a sufferer of chronic migraine/ and/or trigemminal neuralgia?
Do you know of somone who has used this tens to help with the pain of the above conditions, please?
Can this be used for frozen shoulder pain relief
Hi, i have the Universal Tens Machine from your website but the wire connecting the unit to electrodes is damaged. Do you have a replacement wire for this particular device? If not can you recommend a place i can buy from?