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Thuasne Epi-med Elbow Epicondylitis Clasp


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  1. Lightweight and dynamic epicondylitis clasp support for tennis elbow
  2. Adjustable Velcro strap for tennis elbow, golfers or throwers elbow and all athletes and sports enthusiasts
  3. Anatomic design with soft felt padding to reduce slippage and prevent painful inflammation
  4. Helps treat and prevent elbow-related sprains and injuries
  5. Can be used for either left or right arm

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Wave goodbye to Tennis elbow with Thuasne’s Epi-med Epicondylitis Clasp

Thuasne’s Epi-med Elbow clasp has been specially designed to ease pain caused by epicondylitis, stretched or torn ligaments and regular sprains affecting the arm and elbow. It works by compressing the forearm musculature at its largest point below the elbow, without restricting the blood flow needed to restore torn muscles and tendon injuries. If you’re prone to sport-induced elbow damage, the Epi-med helps protect your arm from future twists and sprains that can really affect your fitness programme in the long run.

Comfortable and easy to use, Thuasne’s Epi-med can be worn during work, sports and exercise – so there’s no need to let pain stop you from taking part in your routine activities! The clasp helps relieve discomfort on both sides of the forearm by correctly repositioning its angle to give you the best support possible. Compact and unobtrusive, the Epi-med doesn’t constrict your movement or circulation like conventional tubular bandages; instead it’s moulded to suit the shape of your forearm - meaning no more awkward binding or tying up loose ends that don’t fit properly! This support is stronger, more flexible and better adjusted to the contours of your body than any other sports guard.

Thuasne Epi-med Elbow Sizing Chart

Epicondylitis is usually caused by repetitive compressions of the forearm musculature - some common contributors include:

  • Using heavy equipment or machinery, from hedge-shears to pneumatic drills.
  • Long term poor positioning of the arm when using a keyboard or sewing etc.
  • Playing sports like tennis, javelin, discus, fencing, golf and ball-throwing games.

Whilst it’s important to rest your injured arm and try to limit the activity that’s causing the problem, sometimes it’s just not practical to do so! Chances are, if you’re suffering from a forearm or elbow injury, it’s due to repetitive strain from something you regularly do – so if you need to carry on but don’t want to worsen your injury - the Epi-med is the perfect solution for you.

Easily adjustable and featuring natural felt padding, this elbow support is guaranteed to stay perfectly in place – however strenuous your workout gets.

If you’ve ever experienced tennis or golfer’s elbow, you’ll know just how unpleasant tendonitis can be – fortunately with Thuasne’s Epi-med you can finally wave goodbye to that awful elbow pain! This reinforced support is used by athletes and sports enthusiasts to provide strength and security for weak joints whilst working out, playing games or enjoying physical activities. Thanks to Thuasne you don’t have to let yourself or your team down; whether it’s sprains, torn ligaments or even dislocations, the Epi-med alleviates pain during exercise and speeds up recovery from sporting injuries!

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SKU / Product Code 10653
Brand Thuasne
Colour Blue and White
Size Available in Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
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Epi-Med elbow clasp Review by Judy
Product Rating
I have suffered with tennis elbow for a while now, I have had a steroid injection as the pain got so bad which worked great for about 3 months but then it came back I was told I could have another one but I didn't realy want to, then a friend recommended the elbow clasp, I only wear it on the days it is very painful and I get instant relief this thing is amazing and I highly recommend (Posted on 14 August 2017)
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(6 of 6 people found this review helpful)
Epi-med elbow clasp Review by Stuart
Product Rating
Noticed the difference right away in the amount of pain in my elbow. And getting better every day. It will take a while but the elbow clasp is doing it's job. Would highly recommend this for any other sufferers of tennis elbow. (Posted on 6 November 2017)
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(2 of 3 people found this review helpful)

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