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SwimCount Sperm Quality Test

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  1. Male fertility test that shows you both the quantity and motility of your sperm
  2. At home fertility test for men offers privacy and convenience
  3. 96% accurate, developed and produced by fertility experts
  4. Easy to use with simple to read results in only 30 minutes
  5. Discover if you have a high or low chance of conceiving within the next year

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The SwimCount sperm motility test will quickly and accurately reveal your level of fertility

Deciding to try for a baby is a joyful decision, but it can quickly become a very stressful experience if you struggle to conceive. One in five healthy men has low sperm quality which will make getting their partner pregnant difficult. If you are having trouble conceiving SwimCount allows you to test your sperm quality in the comfort of your own home – a far more relaxing and convenient experience than having to provide a sperm sample under pressure in a clinic!


SwimCount sperm quality test is 96% accurate and measures both sperm count and motility

Other male fertility tests only measure sperm count, which is not an accurate way of assessing fertility. SwimCount both counts sperm and measures their ability to swim (sperm motility); a key factor in whether they are able to reach and fertilise an egg.

It works by using two chambers – only motile sperm can move from the first chamber to the second. Once they reach the second chamber they are stained with a dye, so the more sperm there are in the chamber the darker blue the result window becomes. This makes it really easy to see at a glance what your fertility level is – dark blue means you have a high chance of conceiving in the next year while light blue indicates that you would benefit from seeing a doctor for help and advice.


Using the test


  1. Collect your sperm sample in the supplied cup – do not use a condom or lubricant and make sure it is between 2 and 7 days since your last ejaculation
  2. Leave the sample for 30 minutes (allowing it to liquefy)
  3. Use the syringe to stir the sample 10 times then collect 0.5 ml of it
  4. Place the test panel on a flat surface and dispense your sample into the sample well
  5. Push the slider forward to activate the device
  6. Leave the test to work for 30 minutes
  7. Pull the slider back until it clicks; you can now see your result

The test results are really simple to interpret as they use a colour scale:

  • Light Blue: this indicates that your sperm count is low, with less than 5 million per ml. You are likely to have difficulty conceiving naturally and should consult a doctor for further tests and advice
  • Medium Blue: this will show if your sperm count is between 5-20 million per ml. This range is average according to the World Health Organisation’s statistics and means you should have a good chance of conceiving naturally within 12 months
  • Dark Blue: a sperm count of over 20 million per ml is considered high and gives you a very good chance of conceiving naturally in the next year


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Swimcount sperm test Review by CycleRon
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I've used 2 of these swimcount tests. The first one was not at all successful, it has to be followed to the Tee and I speed read the info. My second attempt was a lot better and I was aware of the results which weren't that good. I stopped taking prescription steroids and adjusted a few things about my lifestyle. Wife did the same and we also supplemented with natural supplements and no junk/alcohol etc. Hoping for a good result. (Posted on 8 February 2018)
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