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Rapport Premier Vacuum Therapy Device

  1. Safe, effective vacuum therapy device for stronger erections with 9 assorted erection rings
  2. Creates & maintains a strong erection easily with impressive drug-free results
  3. Top quality certificated medical device to improve erection volume and control
  4. Regain your confidence and happiness in your sex life
  5. Stronger and larger erections within minutes, included erection rings can maintain the erection for up to 30 mins

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Bring spontaneity back into your relationship and beat erectile dysfunction safely.

The Rapport Premier Vacuum penis pump is a drug-free, safe and effective way of combating erectile dysfunction, allowing the user to achieve and maintain stronger and larger erections easily. It works by creating a vacuum around the penis to draw blood into the penile tissues in order to make the penis erect. The pump is then removed whilst a ring is left secured at the base of the penis so that the blood remains within the penile tissues for a strong and lasting erection.

What can cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a recognised complication of many long term conditions, but there are many factors that can cause erectile dysfunction, most are directly related to a physical cause, but non-physical conditions such as over-tiredness, stress, tension, depression, too much alcohol and some prescribed drugs may also lead to erectile dysfunction.

Owen Mumford Rapport Premier Advantages Of Vacuum Pumps

Erectile dysfunction is a common side effect of health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and prostatitis or could be due to surgery or injury. It can have a detrimental effect on a man’s happiness and confidence, as well as put a strain on a relationship.

How can the Rapport Premier vacuum therapy device help?

The Rapport Premier Vacuum is the safer, more controlled alternative to prescribed medications and is a successful treatment in 90% of cases. Some medications have been known to take hours to kick in and can leave you with an erection for hours afterwards which can lead to severe bruising. Some medications are also very dangerous for men who have underlying heart problems, and have been known to cause fatal heart attacks in men who had not even been diagnosed with heart conditions.

With the Rapport Premier Vacuum you can achieve an erection within minutes, allowing you to put the spontaneity back into your sex life. Plus, clinical studies have found that use of a vacuum device on a regular basis can help a man to achieve an erection naturally as the tissues become more accustomed to increased blood flow. So don't take the risks that come with medication when Rapport Premier Vacuum could help you naturally combat erection problems in the long term.

What is included with the Rapport Premium Vacuum pump?

Included with the Premium pump are nine penile rings in various sizes, which you should experiment with to find which one is right for you. If you lose your erection after five minutes you should try using a smaller ring, but if you experience severe discomfort you may need to increase the size you use. You can purchase more of these rings here.

Also included is a tube of water-soluble lubricant, a bottle of silicone oil, full instruction manual and a demonstration DVD to give full instructions on how the pump works. And everything can be stored in the included discreet carrying case.

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SKU / Product Code 80091
Brand Rapport
Recommended For Medical grade vacuum therapy device for stronger and larger erections. Medical penis pump with erection rings.
Included Contents 1 Penile Tube, 9 Penile Rings, 1 Tube of Water Soluble Lubricating Gel, 1 Bottle of Silicone Oil, Full Instructions, 1 Storage Case and Demo DVD
Length 22.8cm (9 inches)
User Manual View and/or Download the Owen Mumford Rapport Premier User Manual

View and/or Download the Best Practice Guidelines
CE Approved Yes
Inner Diameter 4.5cm (1.7 inches)
Product Rating
4 star :
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Total : 2 Reviews
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All in all works well for me Review by Ron
Product Rating
This device does work well for me, especially as I wanted to avoid any medication because I am currently taking pills for high blood pressure.
I like it for the following reasons:
1. It is more comfortable to use, and the vacuum more effective.
2. The rings are effective, always opt for one smaller than you think you need it needs to be tight.
3. I didn't use the gel as I found it made things too slippery.
4. I also trimmed my hair to stop any stragglers getting caught during the process.

All in all works well for me and as I am in my 70s a little extra help is quite acceptable. (Posted on 17 December 2014)
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(8 of 10 people found this review helpful)
Mostly good. Review by Parr 578465
Product Rating
I was left with a left than use able erection following prostate surgery and this was recommended to me. I was unable to use a hand pump because of arthritis in my hands and this is better for me to use. The suction/vacuum element is effective and a usable erection is quick and effective. The ring are best used tight to prevent the flow back needed to sustain the erection. I have 2 or 3 I can use, Sadly the rest are useless as they are either too tight or too large.
Like the previous reviewer I too did not use the it made it too slippery, I also use this in the bathroom when having a bath as a sort of post-op rehab. My Consultant recommended as many circulation boosters as possible and after just 5 months there is noticeable improvement with both my erection and waterworks, which was erratic to say the least.
All in all most beneficial. (Posted on 18 May 2016)
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(5 of 7 people found this review helpful)

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Product Questions

Keep losing erection while having intercourse. Maybe rings are too lose or not tight enough please advise
Good morning,
Why is this item so expensive? Its not electrical or has any expensive parts or anything like that.
I have purchased from you before and i do like your service etc, however the cost of this is terrible.
I would like to purchase one but i could not afford that price. Is there anything you can do to ease the pain of that?