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Raiing iFertracker Ovulation Monitor

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  1. Fertility tracker that tells you when you’re due to ovulate for easy conception
  2. Bring natural contraception methods into the future via the iFertracker app
  3. Tracks your Basal Body Temperature overnight for incredibly accurate fertility info
  4. Tells you when’s best to have sex, whether you’re trying for a baby or avoiding pregnancy
  5. Charts and calendars show you your cycle at a glance; get to know your body’s rhythms

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iFertility learns your body’s cycles to make conceiving simple and stress free

Your fertility can be such a complicated thing to understand, which leads to a lot of frustration when you’re trying to get pregnant. To have the best chance of conceiving you need to have sex while you are ovulating. Ovulation usually starts around two weeks after your period. There are a couple of physical symptoms you can use to do an ovulation test – cervical mucus and body temperature.

Tracking your cervical mucus can be a bit complicated and isn’t always reliable as it can be hard to tell the difference between types. Tracking your Basal Body Temperature (BBT) is much easier. Your BBT is your lowest body temperature in a 24-hour period; this is generally when you first wake up in the morning. It’s normally between 36 and 36.5 degrees Celsius (97.2 – 97.7 Fahrenheit) but while you are ovulating it goes up by 0.5 to 1 degrees. By tracking these changes over a few months, you can find out the pattern of your cycle so that you know precisely when is a good time to try conceiving.

The iFertracker app makes monitoring your cycle easier than ever!

The iFertility fertility monitor makes this so much easier than trying to keep track in a notebook. All you need to do is attach the thermometer under your armpit overnight and it will take your temperature 20,000 times as you sleep! You can then upload the data into the special iFertracker app. This allows you to see all your temperature readings at a glance in calendars and charts. After a couple of months, iFertracker can tell you when you will next ovulate, as well as when your period is due.

tracker graph

You can set reminders for medication, ovulation and menstruation so that your phone alerts you. It’s possible to share your data with your partner via the app so that he knows when you’re ovulating as well, helping him to stay more involved in the process of creating a baby. You can also export and print your data; ideal for taking to doctors’ appointments so you can give them all the details and get help with your fertility. The all-night temperature tracking of iFertility ovulation monitor means it can also analyse the quality of your sleep. You will tend to sleep less well before and during ovulation, so this will help the iFertracker to learn your cycles even more accurately.

iFertility can also be used to avoid pregnancy via fertility awareness

Each day your iFertracker app will give you a status report telling you your BBT, chance of conceiving and days until next ovulation. It’s also an ideal way to practice the fertility awareness method of contraception by avoiding sex on the days you are ovulating. Having such an accurate temperature measurement can make fertility awareness up to 99% effective at preventing pregnancy, all with no hormones or pills needed. The compact design of the iFertracker is comfortable to wear and made from body safe material. Whether you’re trying for a baby or trying to avoid having one, this clever device makes it easier than ever to learn your body’s cycles.


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