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PROfertil Male Fertility Supplement


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  1. Clinically proven to increase sperm count, sperm motility and ejaculatory volume.
  2. Optimizes your chances of getting pregnant by increasing male fertility
  3. Creates viable, energetic, healthy sperm to help you conceive
  4. Packed with vitamins and minerals to boost your chances of conception
  5. Counteracts any negative effects on male fertility and sperm health

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When making a baby, we all know it takes two to tango.

Profertil male fertility supplement

This goes for fertility levels as well. Men’s fertility is just as important as a woman’s and PROfertil is here to help optimise your chances of getting pregnant.

Did you know it takes months for a sperm cell to develop? In that time, so many factors can affect sperm health including stress levels, diet and genetics. Studies have found a 58% decline in sperm count in men worldwide over the past 50 years, which shows modern lifestyles are detrimental to fertility levels. Researchers at Boston University recently found that even cycling for at least five hours a week can have a negative impact on male fertility.

PROfertil is a medical dietary supplement rich in micronutrients which work to improve male fertility levels. It contains the vitamins, minerals and enzymes which are already present in the body and necessary for healthy sperm production.

Lifestyle and diet may cause some of these essential nutrients to be deficient in the body, so PROfertil is the ideal supplement to take by men who are trying for a baby; it nourishes the body which in turn creates energetic, healthy sperm.



So what are the magic baby-making micronutrients included in PROfertil?:

Acts as an energy substrate for sperm cells. Helps to increase sperm motility and survival.

This amino acid is used all over the body for healthy cellular function, so it helps to ensure sperm is healthy and functioning properly.

Coenzyme Q10
Also known as CoQ10, this substance produces energy in cells and can therefore help to improve sperm motility and fertilisation rates.

Vitamin E
This antioxidant is really important for a healthy immune system. It also can help sperm cells to penetrate through the egg.

This element can help to increase sperm density and increase testosterone levels to improve spermatogenesis (the process of sperm cells being produced).

Folic acid
This is essential for cell growth and cell division, so not only does it help with increasing volume of sperm, it can also increase the quality and health of sperm too.

An essential component in the process of sperm production, Glutathione is composed of 3 amino acids and ensures that the seminiferous tubules (where sperm is produced in the testes) function healthily.

This helps to protect each individual sperm cells as well as improving sperm motility.

PROfertil male fertility supplement results

PROfertil is clinically proven to increase sperm count, motility and ejaculatory volume.

A study was undertaken with a test sample of 95 men at an average 36.2 years with at least 2 pathological spermiograms. The test subjects took 2 PROfertil capsules a day for three months after which time another spermiogram was performed. The average sperm cell density increased by 80.5% and the total sperm motility increased from 33.13% to 49.27%. In the end, 21 out of 82 now had normal test results and 14 pregnancies were reported!

PROfertil male fertility supplement results and effects on sperm motility

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SKU / Product Code 81566
Ingredients L-Carnitine L-tartrate, L-Arginine monohydrochloride, dl-alfa tocopherylacetate, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (capsule material) Zinc citrate, L-Glutathione, magnesium stearat (separating agent), Coenzyme Q10, Sodium selenate, Pteroylglutamine acid, Titan
Brand Lenus Pharma
Recommended For Male fertility supplement
Included Contents 60 or 180 capsules
Container Type Box of blisterpacks
Dosage Take two capsules per day with or after a meal and together with something to drink
Form Capsules
Size 60, 180
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Profertil male azoospermia Review by Sara
Product Rating
I have done three times IVf no success,my husband has azoospermia,now we are taking profertil is it possible that profertil can help my husband ,and increase the sperm,because he did Test and he has inside the testicle a lot of sperm,but in the ejaculate he doesn't' t have,can profertil help him,thank you very much I am waiting for your answer.

LIsa Customer Care Teams states - We have answered this query privately, thank you. (Posted on 16 March 2016)
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(16 of 21 people found this review helpful)
Boosted my sperm count Review by Al
Product Rating
Cant tell you how many tests and results I had reinforcing my low sperm count and making me feel like a dud! In the end we sought outside help from a clinic and they recommended taking this as a supplement. Now we changed lots of thing, boxers to keep the nads cool, no lap top on lap etc, but realistically the facts do speak for themselves. My sperm count did rise when I took these and it was a great boost.
I would have given the product 5/5 - but I am annoyed that when I needed healthcare and support it was not available in this form on the NHS. Obviously dietary changes benefited my improved sperm count, and probably saved the NHS approx £15k (average cost of IVF for the Missus, but surely something as simple and effective as this as a first-line option (for me anyway) would be better than the high tech option of IVF etc.
Just a thought. I would recommend this product it did what it say it would and we have a health baby boy and I feel a more natural approach has to be right in the end.. (Posted on 3 September 2014)
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(8 of 9 people found this review helpful)
Low sperm count Review by Dru
Product Rating
Was told that my sperm count was low but my semen was OK so we decided to try natural options to improve fertility levels. Six months later and with no medical intervention I was retested and my sperm count was noticeably improved, one month later my wife was pregnant. She is 4 months now and we are both thankful for the improvements made by this supplement. (Posted on 31 March 2015)
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(5 of 7 people found this review helpful)
Good results Review by Ahmed
Product Rating
Mission accomplished. (Posted on 19 May 2015)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Minimal overall improvement Review by K K
Product Rating
It was recommended by my urologist.

Some improvement in total motility (increased from 30% to 50%) but almost no change in low sperm count nor morphology after using it for over 6 months.

It contains good amounts of zinc, l-carnitine & folic acid, as well as small amounts of selenium, CoQ10 & vitamin E which are all good for male fertility.

Costs more than most other supplements so I was hoping for better results. (Posted on 14 October 2016)
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(2 of 3 people found this review helpful)
Positive result Review by Andreea
Product Rating
Honestly I don't know whether these tablets worked or not, but what I know for sure is that, after 9 years of trying for a baby, with failed treatments and no answers/reasons for my failures, after 3 months of taking Profertil tablets, me and my husband as well, I've become naturally pregnant.
So ladies, totally recommend these and please do not loose hope! (Posted on 14 August 2017)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
good supplement Review by NP
Product Rating
It helped to my husband. Quantity of spermatozoa increased from 10mill to 27mill in 3 months. Quality did not change very much. (Posted on 11 April 2016)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Sperm count approved Review by BABO
Product Rating
Really helpful product. (Posted on 31 December 2015)
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Availability Review by Zsa-Zsa
Product Rating
Hi, our urologist suggested this supplements to boost the sperm production of my husband. However we had this difficulty to find this medicine here in Riyadh. Do you have a specific pharmacy wherein your company dispose the said medicine?pls help us

Dear ZsaZsa,
We can supply to you in Saudi Arabia, please e mail me directly and I will help you.
[email protected]
Customer Care Team (Posted on 28 October 2016)
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It's done what we've hoped for Review by Jo
Product Rating
My husband was diagnosed was 0% morphology whilst having a normal count and very high motility. He's just been retested after 3 months of supplementation. His count decreased by 17% but motility is now off-the-scale amazing and morphology has increased to 2%! In addition to Profertil he also took Pycnogenol. His diet and lifestyle have always been healthy. (Posted on 14 June 2017)
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Product Questions

Can it cure hypoplasia with very few and immature spermotozoa.
I have done two times IVf no success,my husband has azoospermia,now we are taking profertil is it possible that profertil can help my husband ,and increase the sperm,because he did Test and he has sperm inside the testicle ,but in the ejaculate he doesn't have,can profertil help him?
Hi...can you help us. We badly need your product PROFERTIL but we had difficulty to look for this supplements here in Riyadh.Do you have a specific place (Riyadh base) where to purchase such medicine?
Has any1 encountered mumps b4 and had azoospermia and specialist recommended to take profertile? Any1 here?
my husband has azoospermia,now we are taking profertil is it possible that profertil can help my husband ,and increase the sperm, have,can profertil help him,thank you very much I am waiting for your answer.

Please can you inform me how much time for profertile male supplement to be delivered to me in Dubai- UAE if I want to buy it through internet shopping credit card.


Please,seller contact with me
My number +447492010077
Or writte your number
How many days will take to supply the product to Muscat ? and total how much for 180 capsules with delivery..?
Please can you tell me if this profertil male fertility supplement can cure azoospermia and is possible within one month?
can profertil cure azoospermia and is possible within one month?