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Reprop Clyster Accessories Kit 1
Reprop Clyster Accessories Kit 1
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Reprop Clyster Accessories Kit

  • Reprop Clyster colonic irrigation kit accessories
  • Sterile tubes for hygienic enema treatments at home
  • Using your douching kit diminishes the need to take laxatives which can upset the stomach
  • 20 single use rectal tubes to keep your colon cleansed for longevity of use
  • CE marked for medical use
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Keep Your Colon in Optimum Health and Stock Up on Enema Kit Spare Parts

The Reprop Clyster Accessories kit has everything you need to keep your home enema kit stocked so you can keep on top of your digestive health and ward of constipation, including:

  • 1 X extension tube with check valve
  • 20 single use rectal tubes

Everything in the kit is sterilised and CE marked for medical use. This kit is compatible with the Reprop Clyster Basic enema kit and the Reprop Clyster Plus enema kit.