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Nutrigrow Set Shampoo & Conditioner 3
Nutrigrow Set Shampoo & Conditioner 3
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Nutrigrow Set Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Luxurious hair growth shampoo for fuller, healthier locks
  • Hair growth conditioner stimulates slow growing hair
  • Shampoo and conditioner help speed up hair growth by up to 121%
  • Perfect for reducing hair loss brought on by alopecia, hormone changes or pregnancy
  • Rejuvenates ageing hair giving it a youthful glow; also prevents dandruff
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Dry & Normal Hair
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Pamper your hair with the Nutrigrow Shampoo & Conditioner set

Are you sick and tired of trying to cover up your hair? Do you prefer to wear hats or your hair tied up because you hate how thin it’s gotten or it simply refuses to grow? With NUTRIGROW you don’t need to sacrifice luxury for effectiveness. The patented formula ensures you achieve optimum results through both the shampooing and conditioning of your hair so you have, full, thick and luxurious locks. NUTRIGROW can help you achieve strong, healthy and longer hair through regular use through its mineral rich formula. NUTRIGROW Hair Nourishment System Shampoo naturally stimulates cell proliferation for healthy hair and activates your hair growth genes to work quicker. It is a safe and effective formula to prevent hair loss and promote faster hair growth. Its natural herbal complex is ideal for daily and regular use, without side effects. The highly effective patented formula is like no other brand on the market and will leave your hair luxuriously soft and your scalp healthy.

You too could get 121% thicker hair - NUTRIGROW is THE hair thickening shampoo

Due to its natural activation of hair growth cells, Nutrigrow Shampoo is not just a cure-treatment for hair loss, it is an advantage for people trying to grow longer hair. For women who have ever been stuck between growing your hair out to change a style, you will understand the desire for hair to grow faster. With Nutrigrow, you can attain that new look sooner and with a natural formula that will help make your hair stronger and healthier than before.

You will receive a 300ml bottle of NUTRIGROW Shampoo. To use, replace your usual shampoo with NUTRIGROW Shampoo. Massage into your scalp for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly in warm water.NUTRIGROW Shampoo will also help to prevent dandruff.




NUTRIGROW conditioner for faster hair growth

This luxurious conditioner not only leaves your hair feeling beautifully soft and nourished, it helps to reduce hair loss and speeds up your hair growth so you won’t have to feel frustrated anymore with your thinning hair. If your hair is weak and damaged NUTRIGROW Conditioner will repair those hair fibres while pampering your scalp and skin. It couldn’t be easier to use! This deep conditioning treatment works best after shampooing your hair with the NUTRIGROW Anti Hair Loss & Faster Hair Growth Shampoo.

Apply the hair loss conditioner to your wet hair and enjoy massaging the rich and luxurious formula into your hair and scalp. When you look in the mirror do you feel let down and annoyed that your hair simply isn’t what it used to be? Is it thinning and disappearing? Or does it feel like it’s get up and go has got up and gone leaving you with a dry and damaged barnet you’d rather hide under a hat? If you want the ultimate in indulgence when it comes to hair loss treatments then NUTRIGROW Conditioner is a must-have investment for your hair.

You can choose between NUTRIGROW Shampoo for greasy hair or NUTRIGROW for dry & normal hair. Both feature the same highly effective formula and will also prevent dandruff. Simply incorporate NUTRIGROW into your daily hair routine to help your hair grow luxuriously strong and soft.

Size300ml per bottle