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Pet Parade Automatic Pet Fountain

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  1. Cat water fountain that offers a continuous flow of water
  2. Encourage your dog to drink more with a pet water fountain
  3. Attach directly to a garden hose or water bottle
  4. For indoor or outdoor use; great for keeping water in dog runs topped up
  5. Can be wall mounted for larger breeds and to save space

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This dog water fountain is the perfect way to help the thirsty cat or dog in your life

It is important that you make sure your pets drink enough water, particularly in the Summer months. Preventing dehydration can be difficult if your pet is fussy about the water they drink – animals do not like water that has been left to stand but a fountain bowl will provide them with constantly fresh and delicious water. If you leave your cat or dog at home during the day, you may find that you come home and their water bowl is empty. You can prevent this by using this automatic pet fountain to replenish their water throughout the day.


An automatic water bowl will be your thirsty dog’s new best friend!

Your dog’s body is made up of over 60% water. The active lifestyle of most dogs means that they need to drink a lot during the day to replenish the fluid they use up while running around. A medium size dog will need around 450ml of water a day, with this going up in warm weather.

If you feel like you’re constantly having to top up your dog’s water, an excellent solution is this water fountain bowl. The bowl will refresh itself as your dog drinks so that it always has more fresh water. This will help to make sure that your dog drinks enough and stays healthy. The water fountain is particularly useful if you keep your dog in a run during the day, as it can be hooked up to your garden hose to make sure they never run out of water while you are out.


Do you struggle to get your cat to drink enough?

Cats are very particular animals, particularly when it comes to water. This can lead to problems when they don’t drink enough and end up having health problems. If your cat eats dry food there is more of a risk of this as dry cat food only contains about 10% water so it will need to drink more to be properly hydrated.

If your cat is not drinking enough, it could be due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • The water is too close to their food: the pet fountain is a self-contained unit that can be kept apart from food bowls
  • Their bowl is too small with not enough room for their whiskers: this pet fountain has a nice wide bowl that will not bump your cat’s whiskers
  • They cannot see the water properly as it is still: by providing water that is flowing, your cat will see the ripples and know where it is
  • The water has been standing for too long and isn’t fresh: the pet fountain supplies constantly fresh water that your cat will love to drink!
  • Tap water can have a chemical taste that cats dislike: the fountain can be used with a bottle rather than a hose, so if you wish you can fill it with filtered water

As you can see, a pet fountain is perfect for fussy cats, whatever the reason they are not drinking. Cats love running water as they instinctually seek water that is fresh and uncontaminated. You may have noticed this yourself – some cats will try to drink out of the tap if you run it while they are near!


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SKU / Product Code 11280
Brand Pet Parade

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