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Natural Intimacy Caribbean Silk Sponges Intimate Sponges


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  1. Sea sponge tampons harvested from authentic Caribbean silk sponge
  2. Comfortable, easy to use menstrual sponge
  3. Natural, absorbent and easy to clean
  4. A safer alternative to traditional sanitary products
  5. Reusable alternative to tampons

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SKU: 10524


Natural Intimacy Caribbean Silk Sea Sponge Tampons are a softer, natural alternative to traditional disposable sanitary products

No one ever really talks about the damage that traditional, disposable sanitary products have on our bodies and the environment. Tampons and sanitary pads are pumped with fragrances, dioxins and are usually made with non-organic cotton or rayon. Natural Intimacy’s Caribbean Silk Sea Sponge Tampons are different; like ordinary sanitary products, they are super absorbent, however, they are made from natural sea sponge which is non-toxic and completely bio-degradable. These sea sponge tampons are incredibly soft and comfortable, allowing you to continue with your day to day routine with no fuss.

They come in one size which can be trimmed to fit you; they are so comfortable you won’t even realise that you are wearing it! Not only are they super soft, they can last between 3-6 months, in some cases a year if you really take care of them! They are reusable and washable which is great for the environment, and when you have finished with them, the sea sponge tampons can be composted with your organic waste. It’s estimated that tampons, applicators and sanitary towels make up 58% of one single woman’s trash; what’s even worse is that it’s been calculated that one single woman will use up to 16,000 tampons in a lifetime. Think of the waste and the pennies!

Why you should avoid traditional sanitary products and convert to Sea Sponge Tampons

Natural Intimacy Caribbean Silk Sponges Intimate Sponges

Sanitary products are made with synthetic fibres to increase absorbency; but along with absorbing the menstrual flow, they also absorb your natural moisture which can lead to vaginal dryness which can be incredibly irritating, uncomfortable and even painful. The menstrual sponge absorbs the menstrual flow, but is free from all synthetic fibres that cause dryness and irritation in traditional sanitary products.

The material to make these sea sponge tampons has been harvested by divers straight from the Caribbean ocean, with the utmost respect for marine resources. Sea sponge lives on the ocean floor, it’s not coral or a plant; it is in fact an animal that has no brain or central nervous system! This renewable natural resource has the powerful ability to re-grow parts of the sponge that has been broken off by water currents; they even have the power to forest and settle in a different location as a clone of their parent sponge.

When they have been harvested, the divers cut them at the base so the sponge remains intact, ensuring that the sponge still has the ability to re-grow and reproduce over and over again.

Please note: these sea sponge tampons have been bleached for their brighter colour and allows an easier cleaning and sterilizing method for the sponge. The bleaching is part of the preserving process of the natural material; it then becomes inert and therefore means that there are no active chemical ingredients, keeping these sea sponges completely safe to use – you won’t find any nasties here!

How to keep your sea sponge in tip-top condition

When you look after your sea sponge accordingly, your sea sponge can last between 3-6 months, maybe even longer! The longer your sea sponge lasts the more pennies you will save instead of spending them on disposable sanitary products!

Directions: When washing and soaking your sponge, be sure to use natural soap that is chemical free; this will make sure that your sea sponges stay clean and are always safe to use. Using soaps that have fragrances and chemicals can cause you irritation when in use.

Soak your sea sponge on a cup of warm water between 5 – 10 minutes with either of the recommended:

  • 1 tbsp of vinegar
  • 2 – 3 drops of tea tree oil

After the soak, rinse thoroughly and squish out any water that is left inside.

Please do not:

  • Boil the sea sponges – this can toughen and shrink them
  • Soak your sea sponge any longer than the advised time – excessive soaking can make the sponge deteriorate
  • Avoid using any harsh chemicals or soaps! This will be bad for your body and your sponge

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SKU / Product Code 10524
Brand Natural Intimacy

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Brilliant price for a great product Review by Stacy
Product Rating
Brilliant price for a great product. Basically the same product as sea pearls but a better price. These are the perfect tampon alternative if you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint. (Posted on 16 March 2015)
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(3 of 3 people found this review helpful)
Great for reducing carbon foot print, slightly uncomfortable Review by Pogmamahon
Product Rating
I have only used this product for one cycle so I don't have a vast amount of testimonial to put before you. I have found it easy to insert and remove but you couldn't use a public bathroom unless there is a wash hand basin in the stall. I had one leaky incident whilst I was out for a friend's birthday and as mentioned before I didn't have the privacy needed. However I did find it added to my cramping pain, I'm hoping to get used to this and will persevere. (Posted on 27 June 2016)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
good Review by Kristiana
Product Rating
I only used this product once so far but it set me into slight panic when I couldn't really reach it and grab it like I am used to when using tampons. It took me about 5 minutes to get the sponge out and I ripped a little bit off it. I would use it again but might not push in as far as tampon. Could say more if used more often. Delivery was quick and would order again from this website (Posted on 29 June 2016)
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I have attempted to use a sponge before, but it felt like it was getting sucked up there and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get it out. Is this not a risk?