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Mooncup Reusable Menstrual Cup


In Stock - Despatched From The United Kingdom

  1. Eco-friendly reusable menstrual cup - safe period protection and long lasting
  2. Reusable silicone menstrual cup is much more environmentally friendly that using tampons
  3. Worn internally like a tampon it collects fluid that can be easily washed away
  4. Save lots of money when using the Moon Cup instead of tampons
  5. Loved by women all over the world

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Made from soft, body friendly silicone the Mooncup is the eco friendly reusable menstrual cup everyone is talking about!

Mooncup was a 2013 Winner of the Health And Beauty Awards

At around two inches long it is worn internally like a tampon but collects menstrual fluid rather than absorbing. Unlike tampons the Mooncup is not a disposable product, so you only need to buy one, so our landfill sites will thank you too!

The Mooncup will hold 30ml of fluid, which is roughly one third of the average total produced each menstural cycle. A light seal is formed with your vaginal walls allowing your menstrual fluid to pass into the Mooncup without leakage or odour. You will probably find that you need to empty your Mooncup less frequently than you currently replace towels or tampons.

The sanitary protection market is dominated by one company in particular - Procter & Gamble. They produce well known brands such as Tampax tampons, Always and Allday pads and panty liners. P&G come under a barrage of criticism for their less-than ethical practices with regards to the environment and animal welfare. Mooncup menstrual cups offer a healthier alternative to reduce health and environmental concerns to a near-zero.

Which size of Mooncup Menstrual Cup is right for me?

  • Size A Mooncup measures 46mm in diameter and 50mm in length.
  • Size B Mooncup measures 43 mm in diameter and 50mm in length.
  • Both sizes have a pull stem 21mm long, which you can trim to the length that is right and comfortable for you.

Size A is recommended for women over 30 and those who have given birth vaginally whilst Size B is recommended for women aged below 30 or who have not given birth or given birth via caesarean. However since every woman's body is different we recommend you take into account the diameters of Size A and B and choose the one that you think will suit your body best.Use this guide to help you choose Moocup size A or Mooncup size B

StressNoMore is an authorised Mooncup retailer

Why Mooncup menstrual cups are good for you and good for the environment

  • The UK sanitary protection market is worth in excess of £267 million
  • Every day, here in the UK, 2.5 million tampons, 1.4 million sanitary towels and 700,000 panty-pads and liners are flushed down our toilets
  • In Britain, every year, we would need to dig a hole 300 feet wide and 300 feet deep to bury the used sanitary pads and tampons that we women throw away
  • One of the main ingredients in tampons is Rayon, it is highly absorbent and usually chlorine-bleached. Since 1918 it has been known that toxins can be absorbed into the body through the vagina
  • Tampons absorb 65% of your menstrual fluid and 35% of your body's natural moisture, this creates imbalances in the moisture and pH levels of your vagina



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SKU / Product Code 80044
Brand Mooncup
Recommended For Period protection for active women
Included Contents Cotton breathable storage bag
Material Silicone rubber
Length 5cm (2 Inches)
Adjustable Yes - Snip stem to desired length
Overall Diameter 4.3cm
Size A - Women over 30 with children, B - Women under 30 no children.
Washing Instructions Rinse with water or non-perfumed soap, boil or sterilise once a month
Waterproof Yes
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So glad I gave it a try. Review by Angela
Product Rating
I'd held back on ordering this product for quite a while, as I was so used to and comfortable using ordinary tampons, like a huge proportion of women I'm guessing.
Now, since ordering and trying, I wouldn't change back. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, so don't be daunted by the look of it. I found for myself it to be more comfortable removing all of the pull stem and it certainly didn't make it difficult to remove. Until I got used to removing it, I did feel it was all a bit messy sometimes, but with most things, practice makes perfect. I'm now on my second mooncup, having replaced the first when the silicone started to dull and discolour slightly. This was at least 2 years of use and was based on a cosmetic decision, not failure of product. My only additional advice when using it, is to be mindful of those times when away from home and perhaps only public toilets are an option. You need a bathroom with a sink and toilet together, so I will still use the occasional tampon. (Posted on 21 June 2013)
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(26 of 31 people found this review helpful)
Fantastic Review by Rosie
Product Rating
Have used the Mooncup for over two years, so it's thoroughly tested. It took a few turns to get the hang of inserting it properly ( hot tip, warm the cup in hot water to soften the material this makes it very easy to get right) I will never go back to towels or tampons and although I still use a panty liner on heavy days just in case I've become used to how often I need to empty the cup so very rarely have leakage. Seriously brilliant product. (Posted on 17 January 2015)
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(19 of 20 people found this review helpful)
Try it and you may just never go back Review by mrskvetoslavac
Product Rating
I have found out about this product by chance, read a lot about it and then decided to buy and try it.

OMG! This should be part of the 'education' we give to all young girls when we explain to them the options that they can choose when menstruating.

In comparison to all the conventional pads and tampons, there is no way i am going back after just one trial.

I feel more comfortable, have less of a worry about leaking and there is just not a chance I can ever again use a bleach containing product that is actually not good for your body...

I even reckon the pain is lessened by the fact that there is just so much less stress with the whole process of being on your period.

normally I would have to take a tablet straight away, and then again the second day, but the I am now half way through the second day and have not had to take a tablet yet this month.... Yes there is pain, I am not claiming that this miracle have eliminated that, but I seem to manage it a lot better as I feel relaxed and confident about cleanliness and freshness..

Very good product and comes highly recommended!!!!!

I for one will tell everyone I know about it as there is just no need to suffer!!!!

Yes you pay about £20 in shops (less online i presume) but what once in a number of years compare to whatever you currently spend every month?

I SAY GO FOR IT! Give it a try, and see how you feel!!!!!! (Posted on 25 August 2013)
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(17 of 18 people found this review helpful)
I had high hopes Review by Sarah
Product Rating
I so wanted to be able to rave about my mooncup and re-iterate all the wonderful things I had read about them on their own site and after my first 24 hours I was ready to rave about it. Aside from being a bit uncomfortable to insert and extract, all was good. Then came my 2nd night. As someone who suffers with heavy periods I always set an alarm for every 2 hours to change tampons, and not being 100% convinced about the mooncup as it was my first period using it, I did the same. Went to be at midnight, removed at 2 - all was fine. Same at 4, which then prompted me to think it was worth risking doubling up on the time (I didn't have work so thought I'd try an 8am lay in too). At 7 I was woken by the most excruciating pain I've ever known. I've experienced labour, I've had a major kidney infection and a burst appendix and the pain of all 3 didn't even come close. I also felt wet. Practically falling out of bed, I noticed the wet feeling came from the fact I was covered in blood - my sheets (expensive egyptian cotton) my mattress (a memory foam one that I have had to replace) my pj's and myself, covered. I made it to the bathroom believing the mooncup to have unsealed and upon trying to remove it couldn't find it (I never cut the stem as I wanted to make sure I was fully comfortable with it before doing so yet still had nothing to grab on to for removing). I never found it and ended up phoning a friend who is a nurse, who thankfully was able to remove it for me - a most embarrassing experience. Apparently what the reviews on this site don't tell you (but ones I have found elsewhere do) is that the mooncup can in fact be vacuum sucked inside you; as a result there is then nothing stopping you from bleeding (as I did) and if it's gone too far there's nothing to grab to extract yourself. I tried squatting as it suggested, I tried relaxing (which isn't easy when you're in so much pain) but still nothing. Chatting with my friend who removed it for me afterwards I discovered that this happens more often than people would think and it didn't happen because I was loose in that area (the reason I believed it may have happened although not something I thought I was, and thankfully my friend who removed it assured me I was anything but). In fact it was due to my un-looseness and good pelvic control that I was unable to extract it myself. Once it had been sucked in it was stuck. I guess I should have realised when I read through the reviews (on their own product site) and didn't come across a single negative one that all as not as it seems, as nothing is 100% perfect, but I bit the bullet and took the risk. I won't make that mistake again with anything.

Dear Sarah,
I am sorry your experience with the mooncup was not a success. You mention it being 'sucked up'. if placed properly it gently cradles around the cervix. It sounds as though it was not in position properly over the cervix which is why it didn't catch the flow at all. Do let me know if we can help you further, it was just a matter of it not being positioned properly, I would love you to try it again and experience the real benefits.
Here to help
Customer Care Team (Posted on 26 March 2016)
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(16 of 20 people found this review helpful)
A good product worth using Review by Rae
Product Rating
I've used a mooncup previously but needed to get a new one. I am experiencing some leakage with it but that may be down to my need to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles. I was careful to check which size I needed before ordering. I however much prefer using the mooncup to using tampons and will continue to persevere. (Posted on 18 March 2014)
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(11 of 11 people found this review helpful)
Would never go back to tampons! Review by Lauren
Product Rating
I first heard about menstrual cups on Youtube, and was immediately intrigued. The Mooncup is probably one of the better known cups as it's the only cup sold in Boots. It's great quality, comes with a little bag so you can take it everywhere (incase Aunt Flo pops up out of nowhere!) and is so convenient.

I would never go back to tampons now, I feel less dry (I have a strange fear of cotton wool so find tampons disgusting to use anyway!), it's cheaper in the long run, and its generally so much easier than having to carry a load of sanitary products around with you everywhere.

I love my cup <3 (Posted on 9 June 2015)
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(10 of 12 people found this review helpful)
So disappointed Review by Amandalou
Product Rating
Really really wanted this to work! Have persevered with this for several heavy flow days, have watched countless videos and read and re read insertion instructions and the result has been a stressed out and messy me! I have tried different folding techniques, inserting it as instructed, inserting it slightly higher than instructed, turning it and gently pulling on it (to obtain a good seal), every time it leaks! And I am left feeling that there is something physiologically wrong with me!!! I give up :( (Posted on 15 November 2015)
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(5 of 6 people found this review helpful)
Really great product Review by CC
Product Rating
So I got my mooncup mainly because I thought they were a fantastic way to save money! Also they are a lot more convenient when it comes to having to change them... Instead of having to sneak around with a tampon up my sleeve, these can just be taken out, wiped and then put back in! It took a bit to get used to taking it out, but after the second day I was a pro at putting it in! I also love the fact that it helps with the huge environmental problem that tampons cause! Will definitely replace when this one wear out after a year or so! (Posted on 24 April 2016)
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(5 of 6 people found this review helpful)
High quality menstrual cup but lacks capacity for heavy days Review by Lois
Product Rating
I love menstrual cups. They have completely changed the way I feel about my period. It took me a while to find the right cup. For lighter days I love my size A Mooncup. It is easy to pop open, I can't feel I'm wearing it and it looks and feels like the best quality of all the cups I own. I cannot fault it in terms of quality and ease of use. However, it does not have the capacity I need for heavy days so on those days I use a different cup with almost double the capacity of my Mooncup. Amandalou, it could be that you need a cup with higher capacity too. I know how frustrating it is when a cup doesn't work for you, I struggled for ages with my first cup which regularly leaked but there is nothing wrong with you, you just haven't found the right cup yet. There are cup size comparison charts online if you search for them and some cups have a much higher capacity for their size. Good luck :) (Posted on 10 December 2015)
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(4 of 5 people found this review helpful)
Life changing product Review by Sian
Product Rating
I have used this cup for 8 years and can't imagine using disposable tampons and pads anymore. Starting using it at a young age, it probably took me about 3 or 4 months to master, but it was so worth persevering. Absolutely brilliant, would recommend to every woman (Posted on 16 April 2016)
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(4 of 5 people found this review helpful)

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Product Questions

Does this mooncup have the spill feature please?
I'm 33 with no children. My periods see light. Please can you tell me which size to buy?
Thank you.
I have been wanting to try these cups for a while but I am unsure what size I need. I am 33 I have no children but I do have a heavy period. I hope someone can help. Thank you.