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Kyutec Easy Sleep

  1. Natural and effective sleep aid
  2. Clinically proven electro-acupuncture technology
  3. Gentle massage makes it comfortable to use
  4. Auto power off for when you fall asleep mid programme
  5. Fully adjustable wrist strap

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Struggling to drift off to dreamland but don't want to take pills?

Sleep, along with diet and exercise, is one of the vital things we need for our health and well-being, but it is often the neglected side of your health, with almost half of UK adults only getting 6 hours or less a night, 25% less than you should. As well as low energy levels and terrible mood swings a lack of sleep can have more serious health implications including;Sleep aid

  • Weight gain
  • High blood pressure
  • Increased risk of diabetes
  • Heightened risk of heart disease

Getting to sleep and have a good quality 8 hour isn’t as straight forward as going to bed early, there are numerous reason such as stress that can keep you awake for longer than you wish. If drifting off becomes an issue, then many people may turn to using sleeping pills which a reliance on isn’t healthy long term and counting sheep doesn’t help.

The Easy Sleep uses Electro-Acupuncture to improve your sleep orders.

The Easy Sleep gives you gentle massage (electro-acupuncture) to your wrist. These points are responsible for calming and relieving stress. The Easy Sleep improves blood circulation and relieves stress, helping you fall asleep a lot easier. These 3 points have their basis in Chinese Medicine and are located on the inner wrist of your left hand. They are the “Shern-Men Point”, the “Day-Ling Point” and the “Vey-Guan Point”, namely the “Golden Triangle”. Electro-Acupuncture is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and is clinically proven, tested and 100% drug-free. All you need to do is place the band on your wrist, turn it on and the 30-minute programme will gradually help you relax and unwind to help you body get in the correct state for a perfect nights sleep. Kyutec Easy Sleep won’t just improve and make your mornings easier, it will improve your whole life.

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SKU / Product Code 12274
Programmes On/Off
Brand Kyutec
Recommended For A natural aid to improve the ability to fall to sleep
Included Contents 1 x Sleep Easy Device, 1 x AAA Battery, 1 x Instructions
Certification CE
Power 1 x AAA Battery
Guarantee 2 Years Manufacturer Guarantee
CE Approved Yes
Colour Grey
Size Velcro Strap to Fit Most Wrist Sizes
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Total : 1 Reviews
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How refreshing... Review by Pleaseletmesleep
Product Rating
My sleeplessness has got to severe level and I’ll literally try anything. After banishing hubby to the spare room because he’s snoring too much (he put on a stone over Xmas and his snoring has increased incrementally with his weight). I’ve turned the heating off in my bedroom and banned electronics devices, I’m a sucker for listening to podcasts and they lull me to sleeep. However this is momentary as I find myself wide-awake 30 mins after its needed. No idea what I was listening to, so I start the process all over again. Something had to give. So. Banned electronics, and decided to try this. But I also have a Fitbit which monitors my sleep so competition for wrist space is a challenge. Ironically the Fitbit will measure my sleep - don’t know if there is any cross interference with the sleep band or not I haven’t noticed anything other than the fItbit recording better sleep!!!!! Maybe one day I shall spontaneously combust with electronic overload. Hope I’ve had a good nights sleep first. I found the easy sleep band chunky, but it’s not a deal breaker (desperation means you’ll try anything). As it said acupuncture I wasn’t sure if I was going to be gripped with pin like stimulation, but that’s not the case at all. After using this sleep band for 3 weeks now I have noticed and my Fitbit has recorded a definite improvement in sleep. Who’d have thought it. I know that scientists say that people who think they haven’t slept all night usually have, it’s just not the deep REM sleep that boosts energy levels and enables us to live our busy, brexit woes lives. Obviously there has been 3 main changes in snoring hubby, electronics and this, so all 3 may have had a cumulative effect, or maybe just one, impossible to narrow down. What I can say is that I feel better and feel as though I have a refreshing nights sleep. I still wake up for the one loo visit, but no more than once and energy levels feel better than they have been for the last 10 years. Hubby back at Slimming World and doing well, so he should be back in the marital bed within a week or som(I so kiss him, but not his snoring) and we have both been focusing on getting more fresh air and walking together. Roll on Spring, I am so pleased I tried this and I have recommended it to my friends. It works for me, it’s not a tranquilizer by any means, and certainly I don’t feel groggy like medications always do. It just helps induce deeply relaxing sleep.
Wouldn’t be without it. (Posted on 21 February 2018)
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