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JMS J Clamp Incontinence Clamp

  1. Designed to prevent male urinary incontinence
  2. Adjustable to fit most different sizes of penis
  3. Does not need to be removed when urinating
  4. Discreet, comfortable design, designed to be worn for long periods
  5. Certified medical device

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SKU: 92460

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The J Clamp is a simple, discreet and effective solution to male urinary incontinence

If you have undergone prostate surgery, or suffer some degree of male incontinence, you will know that it can really affect your life. The J Clamp is a simple and discreet solution to the problem of male incontinence.

Developed by Dr. Terry Jackson after his own personal experience with prostate surgery, the J Clamp is an incontinence clamp worn on the penis to control leakage. Unlike other incontinence clamps, the J Clamp does not compress the whole penis, only the urethra, and by applying pressure to the urethra, it eliminates leakage. The J Clamp is ultra-discreet, in that you can simply release the pressure by moving the handle, allowing you to go to the toilet as normal at a urinal, and get on with your life.

The J Clamp is designed to be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. With a rubber lined plastic frame to minimise rubbing, the J Clamp has five settings and is adjustable to accommodate a penis of 2-4.5 inches in circumference. The small frame design, at just 2 inches wide and 1.25 inches high allows the device to go unnoticed and the J Clamp weighs just 26g, so it can be worn for extended periods comfortably.

Unlike other male incontinence clamps or penile compression clamps, the J Clamp can be worn during any activity, even running or swimming, and is easy to clean by simply washing with mild soap and water. The J Clamp only compresses the urethra, not the rest of the penis like other clamps, so protects the blood vessels that supply the penis, allowing it to be worn for more than 20 hours a day - simply move the handle to urinate, and remember to urinate frequently to avoid build up of pressure.

Male incontinence doesn't have to take over your life, the J Clamp is a discreet and simple solution to let you get on with your life.

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SKU / Product Code 92460
Brand Jackson Medical Products

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clamp fitting Review by MR J
Product Rating
Sorry to say that from my experience it as not fulfilled my expectations ie first of all the fitting was too tight even with the rubber insert removed so is always difficult to actually get it on, as a result the first few times I as bleeding from inside. After that the clamp plastic corner piece snapped off (defect or the pressure) don't know and all I could do then was to glue the piece back on so that I can use it . not a happy chappie. There is no point contacting (stress no more ) because I have already been told that I cannot return this type of product. I am an old age pensioner and as said earlier not happy, and of course I have lost my £50 pounds I have paid for a product that I have to try to use very carefully if at all ...

StressNoMore reply to Mr J,
Thank you for your feedback, I am sorry that your expectations were not met with this product. We did telephone the manufacturers of the J Clamp in the US - they stated they has only heard of the bleeding once before and that was due to an unrelated medical condition, they did advise to mention this to your GP as it is not at all usual with this product. We telephoned you and you did indeed say that you thought you had used the clamp too tight, and we confirmed to you that this is a registered medical device. When you telephoned we were under the impression that you did not like the clamp and you wanted a refund, not that it had actually broken - I am sorry about that. We will do our best for you with any product and any faults will always be rectified immediately. Please return it to us and we will arrange to replace it with another J Clamp or a Dribblestop (which I think is the one you stated you had preferred).
Please contact us so we can resolve this for you, we want you to be happy when you purchase from us.
[email protected] (Posted on 18 April 2013)
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(6 of 7 people found this review helpful)
Excellent Review by Mr W
Product Rating
Having used 'dribblestop' with great success thought I would give 'j' clamp a try as well. Usual faultless and efficient order service from Stress No More but even better the product is excellent, comfortable and easy to use to the point I would say it is even better than 'dribblestop' (easier to urinate with clamp in place) albeit I would readily recommend either product. Although on initial viewing both products appear expensive over a short time of using alternatives like disposable pads (horrible, bulky, hot) very quickly you will be in to cost saving ( in comfort!). (Posted on 8 August 2014)
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(6 of 6 people found this review helpful)
Great Product Review by Dribbley
Product Rating
I am so happy with the Jclamp, it has really changed my quality of life. I was so miserable from using diapers for 3 years and the smell and trouble disposing of the diapers were wearing on me. The Jclamp has taken both of those issues away and I am very thankful! Yes, there is a short period of learning how to best wear the clamp but it was in now way uncomfortable at any time. Thank you StressNoMore for bringing this product to the UK! (Posted on 10 July 2013)
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(3 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Definitely effective, but can become painful. Review by Ben
Product Rating
Very effectively stops any leakage. After wearing for a couple of hours, I experience a quite painful stinging sensation. This is alleviated by urinating. I think this problem is mentioned on the maker's web site (Jackson Medical). Don't think I could manage in a public urinal - would need to use a cubical. (Posted on 15 February 2016)
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satisfactorily does the job Review by Charles H
Product Rating
I find this clamp satisfactorily does the job. Initially a little fiddly, but with time it becomes easier. I would recommend the purchase of 2 clamps just in case of an accident when removing with cold hands - it is not nice fishing one out of a public toilet. (Posted on 12 November 2013)
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(1 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Does what it's supposed to do Review by Mick C
Product Rating
I have worn one now for two years and it has transformed my life. I used to leak when I stood up and had to change my soggy pads five times a day. Now I just use one pad over 24 hours and it is only slightly soiled. I can stand at a bar and have a drink without the worry of having wet underwear and trousers. I can go down the allotment and go hill walking again .I have just bought a new one as on my old one the wire broke near the ratchet and left me struggling again ,so my advice is buy two so you have one as a standby. (Posted on 12 January 2017)
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a little disappointed as the clamp is ok when standing but as soon as one sits or bends the clamp loosens and falls off defeating the object - advice please
I am very interested in you incontinence clamp, I have already contacted my
incontinence nurse and she will visit me next Tuesday, some of these aids are available on the NHS, is yours?